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Closer to Nature – Photo Linky

I’ve been totally slack with getting a Closer to Nature post up the past couple of weeks, so apologies to anyone who’s been patiently waiting to link up any nature photos! Here’s my photo for this week:

I took a photo of this moth, sitting on our living room wall, a couple of weeks ago and fiddled about with contrast and lighting in Picasa and I think it came out rather well! We’ve had something of a moth infestation this summer, but I read in the news that that’s happening because of their woodland habitats being levelled, so I didn’t begrudge them a place to sleep. I do have a couple of items of clothing with holes gnawed in them though, which takes the mickey a bit!

So, now it’s your turn, I want to see your nature snaps and you can use the widget below to link up. The rules and details are here if you need them.


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Closer to Nature · Photos

Closer to Nature – A Photography Linky

After I put this up two Tuesdays ago, I had a really healthy response to the idea and had 14 or 15 people link up, which I was completely thrilled with, so as promised I thought I’d do it again. Welcome to Closer to Nature!

As with last time, there are no real hard and fast rules other than your photo must be something nature┬árelated, but that leaves a heck of a lot of scope for your imagination to go wild (pardon the pun…!). Also, don’t forget to visit the others and leave some comment love, we all like a bit of that ­čÖé

There’s a linky widget below and button code in the sidebar, I can’t wait to see your photos, here’s mine:

Wild flowers.

This was taken on the day that Husband and I decided to take our daughter to Hadleigh Country Park, home of Hadleigh Castle and now the site of the Olympic Mountain Biking track. While we were there, there were loads of fenced off areas and mysterious portacabins dotted around the place, so I’ll be curious to see what it’s been left like after the Olympics. It’s been a site for mountain bikers for many, many years, Husband and his friends have spent many a happy hour hurtling down those hills, but apparently once the Olympics has buggered off, people will have to pay to ride the trails, which I think is a bit of a cynical move by the council, to be honest. Hopefully the flowers will all still be there to enjoy for free…

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Closer to Nature · Photos

Closer to Nature – A Photography Linky

On this week’s Silent Sunday entry, my friend commented and said “You guys are very Attenborough on a Sunday, love it!” and I realised that I really do love taking photos of nature, creatures weird and wonderful and generally anything that makes a good macro shot!

I decided that, in honour of the school holidays and the good weather we’re having, that I’d do a little linky where you can get ‘Closer to Nature’ and post your best nature photos. There are no rules other than that it must be a photo of something nature related, but it can be just a photo or have a story with it.┬áI’ve made a little badge too, that you can add to your post, which is in the sidebar and will link back here to everyone’s posts.

Have fun, I can’t wait to see your photos! If enough people link up, I may do it again throughout the holidays.

Here’s mine – Husband took it using my Canon Ixus compact camera with the macro on:

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Thanks to the lovely Jay, Sundays have become synonymous with photography for much of the blogging community and I just wanted to write a post with both words and pictures about how I feel about it all. I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good at photography, but I love my camera and I enjoy snapping away, trying to improve my (lack of) skills. One of my favourite settings on my camera is the macro. I don’t know if it harks back to when I was a kid and I got bought a microscope, but I have a fascination with seeing the minute, almost cellular detail on small things. Also, I have absolutely terrible eyesight, relying on very thick glasses or contact lenses at all times, so maybe being able to see fine detail is like a little luxury to me.

Anyway, I was hanging the washing out earlier and this little dude landed on my vest….

I love the way some insects have markings that look like a face! Sure, it’s not David Bailey stuff, but I was proud of the shot, I had to get my head between the lines in the washing line to get it and I think it was worth it. I was going to save it and use it for next weeks Silent Sunday, but we’ve got Sausage’s birthday next Saturday and I’m almost certain that’s going to give me more than enough Silent Sunday material, so I thought I’d get it in early!

If any of you have any awesome photography hints or tips for me, I’d love to hear them. I was on the verge of buying an expensive DSLR but was advised by lots of people to improve my photography with my compact before spending a ton on new equipment. So, along with my blogging, working, parenting, wifeing, degreeing and, you know, having time to breathe in and out, I plan to get better with my camera. Oh, and I’m thinking about taking a cake decorating course too, but that’s another post for another day.