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Maureen – One Year On #PethoodStories

We’ve been asked by Petplan Pet Insurance to tell you one of our Pethood Stories.

When we lost Chuck back in December 2017, we said it would take us a long time before we ever considered getting another dog. When he passed, we told the girls our belief that energy can never be destroyed which means that his energy would pass into something else and maybe that energy would find its way back to us one day, but we expected to be a petless family for quite some time.

Then, a month or so later, my friends dog had a litter of puppies and one of them was born with a broken tail which looked EXACTLY like Chuck’s. I showed Husband the picture and it took us about 30 seconds to decide it was too much of a coincidence and we needed to have her. I messaged my friend and thankfully the puppy hadn’t been reserved by anyone else, so she was ours. We had to wait until she was ready to leave her mum at 8 weeks and we decided that we’d keep it all a secret from the girls and surprise them.


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We spent weeks making surreptitious arrangements, buying a crate, a puppy pen, a bed, researching Petplan Pet Insurance and all sorts of other stuff that we had to try to hide from Sausage and BB, but amazingly enough we did it. On the day we were due to collect our puppy, we didn’t even tell the girls where we were going, we just said that we had to go somewhere to collect a package. In fact, our sweet, trusting babies didn’t even realise what we were there for, even when we were standing in my friends’ living room, surrounded by puppies!

It’s been a maaaaaad year. Having a puppy is a shock after having an elderly dog who was already trained to do everything when he got him, aged two, but actually the toilet training and other stuff all went amazingly well. She’s a really intelligent, enthusiastic dog who fitted in with our family from really early on.


We’ve had ups and downs – one low point being when Maureen managed to steal a chicken skewer from a plate and swallow it, stick and all. Leaving her at the vets to have emergency surgery when she was just a few months old was really hard, but she made it through and we learned a LOT from that day…mainly not to ever leave plates unattended.

Next Tuesday marks a whole year since Maureen came to live with us and it’s gone so fast! She’s grown into such a fabulous dog, and although she’s still a boisterous little monkey at times, she’s loving and loyal and an absolute pleasure to be with. She’ll never replace Chuck, but she’s taught us how to love again after losing such an important part of our lives and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

So, here’s to Maureen. A year as a Crammond and carrying on your brother’s legacy of being stubborn, greedy and the best kisser in the whole house. We love you, Beansy.

For more Pethood Stories and the results of the Petplan Pet Census 2018, head over to their site. This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own


The Three Basic Travel Insurance Plans

Are you buying travel insurance plans without understanding what you’re actually acquiring? Have you noticed whether or not you could have got a discounted price while traveling with your whole family? Well, if you answered yes to all those concerns, then you’ve come to the right post. This write-up is surely for you as I will certainly share 3 simple types of insurance coverage. You’ll be shocked how much you have skipped over.

First plan

At this point, the first insurance coverage which I am going to talk about is the typical single australia domestic travel insurance which is the most frequent plan. This particular deal is the one that you buy each and every time you go abroad, irrespective of pleasure or business. I’d recommend this offer if you’re only planning to travel annually as the premium will be inexpensive yet dependable – certainly the ideal choice.

Second plan

The second plan of travel insurance policy is the yearly single pass insurance deal. This particular deal will continuously provide protection over a specific number of journeys. The number of protection provided can be increased with a minor surge in the price tag. This particular offer is highly recommended to people who’re either working abroad or even studying as they need regular insurance coverage while traveling back and forth. It can also help to protect yourself from the problems in obtaining insurance coverage every time you travel.

Third Plan

The last offer is the multiple insurance policy. This particular deal is focused on categories of people or family unit traveling together abroad. The monthly payment made by each individual is a lot less costly in comparison to the other sorts of holiday insurance deals. So, if you’re traveling with friends or family in the near future, don’t hesitate further and buy this plan. Why cover more if you can pay a smaller amount and stretch your budget? Make sure to go for this deal while traveling with a group of people.


These are the 3 standard travel insurance plans which are usually acquired by tourists. You can find, obviously, many other different types of options which you can conveniently search on the internet. There’s even a plan known as a personal package deal. This particular travel insurance policy package means that you can personalize your own coverage in accordance with your preference and needs. On the other hand, it costs a lot more. Thus, I would strongly suggest you choose a pre-set deal closest to your choice.

You need to figure out what benefits you want to include and find an established company. You can find quote websites accessible that help you enter particular requirements such as age. Within a firm, there are various options. Figure out what features you will actually need. If you’re not carrying sports equipment or gear, for instance, you may need a smaller amount of insurance coverage. You may well be in a position to rent a few of the equipment while you arrive at your vacation spot.

It’s a Dog’s Life

This post was kindly contributed by my dog, Chuck.

I don’t remember much about my life before I was 2. I know it wasn’t very nice as I have scars on my feet to prove it, but then I went to the kennels where my ‘people’ came and found me. When they talk to me, they call themselves Mum and Dad, but I don’t think they’re my real parents – they poop indoors into a giant water bowl and I’ve never seen them lick their own butts…

Sometimes, Mum and Dad have to take me to the big shiny white house – I don’t like it there. It smells like other animals and fear and whenever I go there I end up having to have sharp things stuck in me. My humans hug me and tell me it’ll all be okay, but I still hate it, even if they do feed me nice things when I get home. I’ve heard them talking about ‘dog insurance‘ to the person with no legs (at least, I don’t think she has any legs, I can only see her from the waist up) at the shiny white place about it and everyone says things like “thank goodness we have it” – especially when I do things like pulling my claws out by jumping up the back fence because the dog in the garden behind us keeps calling me stupid.

The day that they came to find me, I knew I had to make sure that they took me home with them, away from the draughty kennel where I’d got worms and fleas, so I pee’d up Dad’s leg – that let him know that he belonged to me. That night, Mum and Dad tried to get me to sleep in the spare room, but I didn’t want to be away from them, so I made as much noise as I could to get them to let me into where they were sleeping and I’ve slept with them ever since.

I’d been with Mum and Dad for a few years when Mum’s belly started to get big and one day they came home with a new, tiny pink Human. I think she’s my favourite person in the whole world. She sneaks me treats, gives me hugs and smells fantastic – plus, she leaves her toys all over the place and when no-one is looking, I sneak onto the couch to snuggle with them!

Mum’s belly has been getting bigger again recently, so I know there will probably be another small pink thing coming to live with us again soon. I might be getting old now and my knees sometimes give me jip, but if this new human is anywhere near as awesome as my sister, I’ll be one seriously lucky old pooch.

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