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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Parenting FAIL – Naming and Shaming Myself

Today, we got to nursery and Sausage’s keyworker asked me “Does she have any sunscreen on?” – Er, no, I had to answer.

“Okay, no problem, does she have any in her bag?” – Errr, no…

*feels (correctly) judgemental glare of keyworker*

Despite everything that has happened to our family in the past three years, despite Sausage being fair of skin and red of hair, despite having a ‘dodgy’ mole removed myself last year, despite me tweeting and Facebooking to remind everyone else, I am still  and absolute failure, a fucking JOKE of a person when it comes to remembering sunscreen.

I am utterly ashamed of myself, which is why I’m writing this, to shame myself even further and make sure I never again forget sunscreen.

Oh. And when I picked her up, she was wearing a ‘nursery hat’. Looks like I failed on that front too.

Off to the shops I go.