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Hair – Five Ways to Care for Your Mane

How to Care for your HairPhoto by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

For a lot of us, our mop is something we take for granted. It’s there, on the tops of our heads, an we don’t think about it much beyond washing it and getting it cut occasionally. However, for some people, hair can be a problematic issue and it can cause problem with self esteem. With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips for things that you can do to look after your mane, to keep it in tip-top condition:

Invest in Good Products

You might be tempted to go for the cheapest shampoo and conditioner you can find, and you wouldn’t be alone in this, but investing in good quality products like Nanogen hair products will help to ensure you’re not using unneccessary chemicals which could damage your hair in the long run. The issue with cheaper products is that they may leave your locks in worse condition due to harmful chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils.

Use Protection

There are so many things that damage your hair on a day to day basis, from the UV rays of the sun to your hair straighteners, so using some form of protection is essential. Get yourself a heat protection spray for use before styling your ‘do, and find a good UV protection product for daily use. The absolute best way to protect your hair from the sun, besides completely avoiding it, is by wearing a hat or cap.

Think About Brushing

While we were once advised to do the whole “100 strokes before bedtime” thing, the current wosdom suggests that you should be brushing your hair twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. This prevents matting and keeps the natural oils of your head distributed evenly through your hair. You should also buy a good brush – a mixture of mylon and boar bristles is currently thought to be the best combination to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Treat Yourself to Weekly Treatments

If style your hair with heat, you will already know the benefits of using deep hydrating treatments to replenish any lost moisture. The same effect can also be achieved by using an oil high in vitamin E, such as olive or avocado oil. To get the best results, gently warm the oil in a pan on a low heat and apply to your whole head. Wrap in a warm towel and wash out after fourth five minutes. The heated oil allows it to be more easily absorbed into the cuticle, boosting its effective qualities.

Turn the Shower Down

Rinsing your head with cold water helps with closing your cuticle after your hair is washed. Open cuticle is good while shampooing or conditioning your hair but after you’re done, you want to seal the cuticle. This way, your hair doesn’t get damaged too easily. If you use cold water for your final rinse then there’s a much better chance that your tresses will stay shiny, healthy and frizz-free for a longer period of time.

Zelfs Venus Flytrap Spin Salon Playset Review

If you’re roughly the same age as me, I’d bet actual money that you had a Troll doll, with brightly coloured hair and cute features – or possibly even a whole collection of them. I had one when I was about 7 and I remember being taken on holiday to Hastings, where I proceeded to use the whole roll of film that had been bought for my camera to take photos of my troll, sitting on a fence. Anyway, I digress!

Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

The reason I mentioned Trolls is because we were recently sent a Zelfs Venus Flytrap Spin Salon Playset and the Zelfs themselves remind me of trolls, if a little more colourful and definitely better quality! They have a huge peak of brightly coloured hair and adorable faces, and the Spin Salon Playset allows you to do their hair and give your Zelfs a good old fashioned primping. The set we received comes with an exclusive Zelf, ‘Tressa’, but it can all be used with any Zelfs you already own, which means your whole Zelf family can be beautified!

Sausage really liked this set – it’s great for fulfilling the ‘makeover’ urge that 5 year-olds seem to all posses, without being overly girlie. It’s easy to use and comes with a brush and a couple of hair accessories, giving you different options of how to preen your Zelf.

This would be a great present to add to Christmas lists, as well as an Halloween treat for little ones, and I’m confident that most kids of around Sausage’s age would love it too. We’re planning to add to Sausage’s Zelf collection at Christmas and already have a few of the medium-sized dolls stashed to give to her. You can even get the miniature ones which also act as a pencil topper and I’m seriously close to treating myself to a couple as a throwback to my childhood! Children of the 80’s and 90’s, I defy you to not feel nostalgic when you see them in the flesh! 

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Silent Sunday

A Hairy Situation…

Sausage and I went to the hairdressers today, me for my usual root touch-up and trim and her for her first ever haircut. Yes, you read that right, aside from the little trim up that I once gave her fringe about 2 years ago, she’s never had a proper haircut. I’ve always been too precious about her beautiful mane to allow anyone to chop any off, but it was getting very long and very unmanageable, especially with all of her wild ringlets, so we decided that it was time.

Last night, I spent all night having Sausage-related nightmares, dreaming that Husband and I were being forced to go on holiday without her, then that I was at work and trying to phone her and couldn’t get through, then that she was a baby again and I couldn’t get her to stop crying. I think we can safely say that I was dreading the haircut. It’s totally irrational, but the thought of someone chopping part of her off and sweeping it into a bin had my stomach in knots.

So, this morning finally arrived and I made a big song and dance about our ‘Girls Day Out’, just in case she was feeling as anxious as me. I mean, of course she wasn’t, that kid beats me hands-down when it comes to nonchalance, she was looking forward to her first big-girl haircut!

We got there, I had my colour put on first, then it was Sausage’s turn. Lou, our hairdresser, explained that most kids have a dry cut, and you should generally always cut curls dry anyway so that you can see how they fall without being weighed down, so Sausage stood up and Lou sat on a chair and within a couple of snips it was all done. I was even a bit ruthless and asked her to get rid of an extra inch!

I won’t pretend that seeing her hair swept away didn’t give me a huge pang of sadness, but I am an overly sentimental sap most of the time, so I did well not to bring it all home in a bag. A few people suggested keeping some, but we have this weird superstition in our family that you shouldn’t keep hair, so we don’t.

As usual, I’m hugely proud of my little lady for showing me how amazing she is and most of all for staying so still while Lou cut her hair. I foresee loads more lovely girly trips to the hairdressers together, yet another thing that I can enjoy with my favourite person in the whole world.

“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.”

The chemical structure of hydrogen peroxide.

If you’re a regular reader of Mum’s the Word, you’ll know that I’ve been dying my own hair for a while. I was a bottle blonde for a good few years but found it far too high maintenance, so I went dark and have been using varying shades of brown and dark auburn since last year. Well, on Tuesday I’m filming a vlog for a software company and I wanted to look presentable, so I decided I needed to get a haircut and get the colour sorted out by a professional, and toyed with the idea of going back to blonde.

Toyed with the idea, that is, until I found out how much it would cost. Because my hair needs to be effectively stripped and then re-dyed, which will all take 4-5 hours, the lowest quote I got was £100. I know to a lot of you £100 probably seems quite reasonable, and believe me, when I was single I’ve spent a lot more on my hair in one go, but these days, that just seems unreasonable. Husband encouraged me to just go and have it done and to hell with the cost, but I just can’t get me head around spending that much money on just me when £100 pays for so many other things. For example, £100 pays for

  • A weeks shopping, give or take a few quid either way.
  • Our entire Virgin bill (telephone, internet, HD V+ box and a second box in the bedroom) for a month.
  • 76 days of top-notch food for Chuck
  • Almost 2 months car insurance payments
  • 15 weeks of bus travel to work

Maybe I shouldn’t look at it like that, but £100 could be spent in so many more worthy ways than making the top of my head look nice, don’t you think? I’d love to know if any of the rest of you feel this way too, or if you think that these luxuries are a must and that you just go for it anyway?

I’ve not given up on having my hair done altogether. I’ve got an appointment on Monday for a cut and colour with a lady I know who has a salon in her house. I’ll probably stay reddish-brown and have a bit of a restyle, which will cost me a far more reasonable £50. I’ll probably post a before and after picture so you can see the difference. Hey, let’s just hope it’s not true about blondes having more fun, eh?!