good baby bad baby“Does she feed well?”

Um, no, not really…

“Does she cry much?”

Well, yes, quite a lot actually

“Does she sleep well?”

She does…eventually. Once we manage to get her to sleep she usually stays that way, but it often takes her a while to get there.

These are usually peoples’ main qualifiers when they’re trying to work out if Buritto Baby is a ‘GOOD BABY’ or not, and I’m sad to say that she falls short in every category. I see peoples look of vague annoyance when I’m honest and say “well, actually, no!” when they ask these questions, like I shouldn’t be honest, like I’m betraying my baby by admitting her issues. Or maybe they just don’t want to hear the truth…supermarket chitchat should be light and happy, not filled with brutal honesty.

If I’m honest, I HATE the term ‘good baby’. No baby is born bad, and if they are falling short of the ridiculous eating/sleeping/crying standards that society seems to place on them, then there must be something missing or a cause for the unsettledness.

So, BB can be fussy with her food. She cries more than average babies. It takes her until midnight, some nights, to get to sleep. Does that make her a BAD baby? Does that mean that Husband, Sausage and I should be any less enamoured with her? Does it mean that her laughs and smiles and moments of happiness should be ignored, because BAD babies are simply BAD and nothing else?


It does not.

I don’t care if BB doesn’t meet the requirements to be considered a good baby. I don’t care if YOUR baby breastfeeds until its 12, sleeps through the night from birth and has never so much as uttered a cry – that doesn’t make your baby better than ours, it just makes it different.

And besides, Sausage was the PERFECT baby, so we can’t expect lightening to strike twice, can we…?!