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Inspiration – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's DayIf the men in your life are as tricky to buy for as mine, then you’re potentially going to find yourself lacking inspiration in the next few weeks as Father’s Day approaches. Husband AND my Dad are tricky to buy for which means that I get cold sweats at this time of year just thinking about finding decent gifts for them. This year, I’ve decided to be prepared a long way in advance and start thinking about what I can get them and I thought I’d share my ideas with you in case you need inspiration too:


I actually really like buying aftershave as a gift and I know it’s something that Husband likes to receive it, too. I’ve been having a look through the Hugo Boss sale and I’ve found some really nice options at some really decent prices, so this is definitely top of my list of ideas at the moment.


Just recently, my little brother turned 18 and as he’s already been driving for a while, Husband and I bought him a supercar driving experience, and there are loads of other experiences too – my Dad’s partner paid for him to do a glider flight a couple of years back, so I know he’s up for doing that kind of thing, which means it could be the ideal gift for him if I find the right experience.


Sunglasses aren’t something that everyone wears but Husband and my Dad are both wearers of sunnies which makes buying them as a gift a really decent option. There are some great frames available in the Ray-Bans sale and I know that Husband loves an aviator and a wayfarer, which gives me several more options for him. His birthday is a month after Father’s Day too, so I need to be double-prepared!


Husband is a massive fan of watches and can often spend hours browsing and picking ones he likes. However, he’s not looking at brand new Rolex…he loves refurbished vintage watches! His favourite brands of vintage watches are Omega and Breitling and he also loves ones which have unusual numbers on the face – he’s had one with Hindi digits on his wishlist for ages!


Both Husband AND my Dad are massive music fans and have several bands that they consider favourites. I’d love to be able to buy them tickets to gigs that I know they’d love, but often these things are a matter of the right time and place, as well as a decent budget. However, if tickets for the bands that your Dad likes are within your budget, I think they’d be an awesome gift. He gets to have a brilliant experience and keep hold of the memories forever.

Do you have any unique ideas for Dad gifts? Do leave me a comment below as a little extra inspiration never hurts! For more ideas and inspiration, head over to Love the Sales.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Okay, I know that we haven’t even had Mother’s Day yet, but I’m already thinking ahead to Father’s Day so that I can be super organised about what to get for not only my own Dad, but Husband also. I thought I’d put together a little post with some ideas that you can share, just in case you’re lacking inspiration for the men in your own lives!

Fishing Gear

I know a ton of blokes who love to fish and although it’s not something I’ve ever done myself, I can see the appeal of relaxing by a lake! Husband used to fish with his Dad when he was younger and would probably love to go again (especially as we live by a huge fishery!) so getting him all the tackle he needs would be a great gift. Wet Wellies sell everything you need for carp fishing in the UK.

A Massage

Massages are a great gift for anyone and Husband gets a lot of muscle soreness because he lifts a lot of heavy weights at the gym. I’m pretty sure that he’d really love a rub down and an hour or so of peace for Father’s Day and there are loads of great offers online if you search around.

Shaving Kit

Shaving is something that is super personal for a lot of men. Husband prefers to use a proper, old-fashioned double-edges safety razor and brush to shave with, but I know that some of our other male relatives use electronic shavers. Buying your Dad or partner some really decent shaving kit is a great Father’s Day gift and it’s something they’ll get a lot of use out of for the whole year. You could also start off by using an electric beard trimmer to thin the hair out before you shave, if you don’t have one, visit Gear Hungry to find the best ones.


Last year for Father’s Day I decided to get creative and make something special for Husband. I too three photos, one each of the girls and Chuck, each holding pieces of paper with “BEST”, “DAD” and “EVER” on them and then framed them in a white box frame with three sections. The overall effect was really nice and Husband absolutely loved it.

A Day Out

I know that a lot of Dads feel like they miss out on a lot of fun with their families if they’re at work every day and a decent day out can be a nightmare at the weekend, when everyone else is trying to do the same. Ask him to book a day off of work if possible and plan a whole day of family fun for you to all enjoy together. Make some memories at the zoo, a museum or somewhere more adventurous, and it’ll be something you’ll all remember for years to come.

Haven’t found the right gift yet? Never mind because there are plenty of cool men’s gift guides on Look What’s Cool to help you decide what to get!

Unique Alcohol Presents For The Man In Your Life!

Buying for men can be tricky. However, if he is a fan of drinking alcohol, you may be able to find him something that he will love. So whether it’s a gift for your other half, your dad, or your brother, here are some unique alcohol presents for the man in your life.

Send him to a winery

If the man in your life is a fan of drinking a glass of wine or two occasionally, you may find he will like to go to a winery as a gift. Research your local area for wineries you could send him to. He will get to see how wine is made and may even enjoy it so much that he might start making it at home. He will get to try different wines and see what he thinks of them. He may end up buying a couple of bottles to bring home. If there are no wineries locally, you could book him a trip to go somewhere there is a winery, so that he can explore the area as well. Or you could host a wine tasting evening at home. We talked before about how to host one at home for your friends, but you could easily do it for the man in your life as well.



Send him beer tasting or to a beer festival

If beer is more his style, you could send the man in your life to go beer tasting. It’s a great chance to try many different beers as he may find one he really likes. Arrange for him to go with a friend or go with him yourself, so that he can enjoy the experience more. Find a brewery locally which offer trips for people to go and try the different beers. He will be able to find out how beers are made as well. You may want to send him to a beer festival as a special unique present. He will get to buy different beers to try, and there is typically a great atmosphere. An alcohol fan would love this gift.


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Buy a make your own cider or beer kit

You could also buy the man in your life a make your own beer or cider set. It’s a great thing for them to learn and they will appreciate being able to make it at home. Be prepared though you will have to try the finished product! It’s easy to use, and they will get it out during parties. Here are some further alcohol present ideas.

Get him a unique bottle of drink

One of the top alcohol presents you could get the man in your life is a bottle of their favourite drink. If they are a fan of vodka or gin, it’s easy to pick up a bottle that you can give them as a present. Try and go for something a bit different that they are unlikely to have already. You might want to get him a bottle of scotch to drink. It’s so popular now with the modern generation, and you can read about why people Love Scotch (as long as you’re over 25). Liquor could also be a popular choice for the man in your life. Check out this site for some bottles of liquor you can get which will be popular gifts.

Buy a beer or wine glass

You can also get an alcohol fan a beer or wine glass as a present. Of course, they are likely to have a few of these. But to make it more unique, why don’t you get their name printed on it? You could also add the date and the age of the birthday on there so they won’t forget why they got the glass. You can also get a special box or bag to put it in so that it keeps it safe.

Buy a personalised bottle opener

Another unique alcohol present for an alcohol fan would be a personalised bottle opener. You could get them a bottle opener which has their name printed on it so that there will be no mistake who it belongs to. Or you could get one they can attach to their keys so they will always have it with them. Go for a funny design to make it more fun for your other half.

Get alcohol filled sweets

You may also want to get the guy in your life some alcohol filled sweets if they have a sweet tooth. There are so many packs around which the man in your life will love. You can also make your own for the man in your life. Here is how to make vodka gummy bears, which are a unique present idea for an alcohol fan.

Remember to make sure you encourage him to drink responsibly, so that he doesn’t develop an issue with alcohol.

These are the Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever

 photo father and son by Tatty_zpsksbqzpgu.jpg

Fathers, or men, in particular are quite difficult to shop for. So, when Father’s Day is just around the corner, you go on panic mode trying to find the ideal gift to give to your dad. You think of ties, shirts, a wallet, a belt, or the kind of thing that he commonly receives for birthdays and Christmas. So why not show your dad how much you really thought about your gift this Father’s Day? Surprise dad on this special occasion with these ideas.

  1. A chance to drive a luxury car. Well, if you can afford it, buying him a luxurious brand new car will definitely make the day extra special for him. Yet, reality bites a lot more often than we would want. While you might not be able to buy a new car for your dad, why not give him a chance to drive one? Your dad would surely love to drive a Ferrari or drive a BMW. Check this website, which offers luxury car rental services in diverse European countries. Rent an exotic car and give your dad the experience of driving a luxurious car even if it’s just for a day. That would be one of the coolest gifts!
  2. A ticket to a Champions League match. Most Europeans love watching football, so a ticket to a Champions League match will be one of the most exciting gifts you can give your dad. Find out the most convenient schedule that falls during or near his birthday to make it even more special. Make sure that it will be a game of his favorite team to increase the thrill. Why not tag along so you both can share the experience and the memory.
  3. Tickets to a concert. Being prepared in advance for Father’s Day will make it easier to find the perfect gift for your dad. Find out which singer or artists will soon be having a concert near you so you can buy tickets to watch the show. It will be great if the artist is his all-time favorite! It will be an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.
  4. A brand new gadget. Since everything is mostly techy these days, why not give him a gift that makes life more convenient for him. If he is a gadget-obsessed person, your gift will surely be well-appreciated. There are so many gadgets available like smartphones and tablets. You can also consider other techy objects such as a mobile phone smart watch, a GoPro action camera, or computer and PC gaming accessories. Find out which gadget he might need or want. Once he unwraps the package, he will be in for some good surprise!
  5. A day in a spa. Fathers work so hard to bring food to the table and provide for the family’s needs. Why not give him a gift that will make him relax and unwind? Treat him to a nice day in a spa where he can be pampered. Your dad will like the idea of getting a good massage to ease out his muscles and make him be worry-free for a day. Buy two tickets so your mom can go with him. Why not a thermal bath at thermaebath spa? It would be more fun to have someone along to share the experience and for company as well.

How Much Do You Value Your Dad?

ud_ultimate_supercar_half_day_ferrari_astonWith Fathers’ Day just around the corner, everyone’s thoughts are turning to Dads and how much they mean to us. It’s hard to measure the ‘worth’ of a person but someone below seems to think they’ve got the method sorted, so I thought I’d share thisvideo with you, which I thought was rather funny!


The lovely people at The Car Buying Service are running a competition to win a supercar track day for your Dad, as they think it would be the perfect way for you to show your Dad how much you love him on Fathers’ Day. I’m lucky enough to have two Dads, both of whom mean the world to me, however one of them would be happier with a motorbike day and the other would would be in his element with some kind of surfing or skateboarding prize, so I may just keep the supercar experience for myself as it sounds like something I’d LOVE!

Now that I’m older and married with kids, Husband is also a Dad who’s super important to me; Sausage and BB are lucky to have a Dad who is devoted, kind and loving and everything I could hope for in the father to my children. He might be a pain in the bum who never remembers to take his towel into the shower with him (causing an inevitable cry of ‘Jaaaaayne….I’ve forgotten my towel…” every single time!) but he’s genuinely an awesome Dad and Sausage and I are planning a few surprises for this Fathers’ Day so that we can all tell him how much he means to us.

I asked Husband a few weeks ago if there was anything he needed or wanted the girls to get him for Fathers’ Day and he said that all he wanted was a picture drawn for him by Sausage, which will be no problem at all as the girl seems to have a pen or pencil in her hand for most of her waking hours. She loves nothing more that drawing pictures for people to show how much she loves them, so we’ll be doing something extra special for Daddy this year.

How about you? Are you planning anything special for your Husband or Dad? Do you think they’d love a day of messing around with supercars? Are you lucky enough to have two wonderful Dads? Do leave me a comment below and let me know.