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Dressing Girls for a Rubbish Summer

One thing that I’ve found quite tricky these last few weeks is getting the balance right when dressing the girls. The appallingly bad “summer” weather means that the usual dresses and sandals have been completely out of the question, but it’s also not quite cold enough for coats and jumpers, so it’s been a case of finding some middle ground.

Husband is a big fan of layering because it means that you can adjust what you’re wearing if your environment changes and we’ve been trying to adopt this for the girls, too. Instead of thick coats, we’ll give them a fleece and a shower-proof layer, and they can still wear dresses, but often wear a t-shirt and leggings underneath.

Recently, House of Fraser asked us to take a look at their Kids Clothing range and pick a few things for each girl that would make it onto a summer outfit wishlist, so we thoguht we’d put together a little board for each of them to show how we cope with dressing for any weather:


Layering for Summer


Layering for Summer by jaynecrammond on Polyvore

The items on the left are what we chose for BB and the stuff on the right are for Sausage…what do you think of your choices? I think they’d be perfect for a day out while the weather is so unpredictable. What would you choose? Do you have boys or girls? Do you find it easier to shop for one gender than another at this time of year? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Make Dress Shopping a Doddle

I may not be the most girly of girls, but I really do love it when it gets to spring and summer so that I can start to wear dresses again. Don’t get me wrong, I wear dresses in autumn and winter too, but that’s always with tights or leggings – there’s nothing quite so nice as being able to get your legs out when the sun is shining!

Having said that, finding dresses which flatter my shape can be a tricky affair – I’m a classic apple shape, which means I carry the bulk of my weight on my chest and tummy, while my arms and legs are slimmer by comparison. Finding dresses to accomodate my bust, hide my tummy and NOT look like I’ve been draped in a tent isn’t the easiest task, which is why I’m pleased to have found Lyst.co.uk

Lyst is a site which remembers the way you shop and curates a personalised shopping experience just for you, suggesting items that you might like, a bit like a helpful friend or sister would! When you sign up, you get taken through a bunch of slides showing items from specific designers and asked if you like it or not and then based on these preferences, serves up a load of suggestions.

One of the things I love about it is the massively wide ranges of budget the site covers – I have to admit that I flinched a little when I saw the first dress it served up for me; no matter how beautiful it is (and, believe me, it is beeeeeeautiful), I’ll probably never spend £1022 on an Alexander McQueen frock. However, scroll down a tiny bit and there’s a bunch of stuff from ASOS, TopShop and Fashion Union which are far more suited to my price range.

The next part, however, is where Lyst really comes into its own. Each item has a button overlaid which gives you the option to “Lyst It” – click this button and you’ll have the option to add the item to any one of your bespoke lists. Wedding planning? Finding a holiday wardrobe? Trying to mix things up, style wise? Add it to a Lyst and you’ll be able to come back to it any time you like and either buy it or bin it. This is brilliant if you’re a window shopper and especially if you like to browse during that annoying week before payday where dress purchases are a thing of pure fantasy!

You can also look at other people’s Lysts, too…click on the image below to see my full Lyst!

Summer Dress Inspiration


Head over to Lyst to make your own Lysts and for lots more fashion inspiration!

Buying Clothes for Father’s Day

When it comes to clothes, my Husband has a pretty good system going on. Rather than buying lots of items cheaply, he tends to buy fewer items and spend more on each one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not dripping in designer gear, but he tends to opt for quality rather than quantity. As a result, he’s still got items of clothing that he’s had since he was a teenager, which means that when special occasions come around, I do like to buy him something nice as I know he’ll look after it and enjoy it for years to come.

In the past, I’ve been known to buy him the odd Lacoste polo shirt, to add to his collection and he’s also very partial to a new pair of boots or trainers, although more often than not he buys these for himself as he has very specific taste!

He doesn’t dress ostentatiously, choosing instead to go for t-shirts and jeans, usually with trainers or boots, but you always know that what he’s wearing will have been carefully chosen. One weakness of his is a lambswool jumper – he’s got a couple in muted navys and greens and layers them when the weather gets colder with a shirt and jacket. He;s also a huge fan of anything made of merino wool. Merino is an amazing fabric, especially if you’re a walker, like Husband, as it tends to keep you warm when it needs to, whilst also managing to wick away sweat and help you stay cool in warmer weather.

The girls and I have chosen a lovely sweatshirt to get for Husband for Father’s Day and I thought I’d put together an outfit board to show how we’d style it, if Husband let us choose his clothes for him. Take a look and let us know what you think!:


Menswear by jayne-crammond featuring levi jeans

The Best Christmas Jumpers for the Whole Family

With Christmas just three weeks away, our thoughts have been turning to all things festive. This time last year, I was MASSIVELY pregnant with Burrito Baby and fashion was the last thing on my mind. This year, however, I’ve decided that a Christmas jumper is high on my list of wants, and Sausage has decided that she agrees, so we’ve been spending a lot of time looking around the internet for festive knitwear and we though we’d share our favourites with you!

Do let me know what you think of our choices or if you’ll be getting wrapped in some seasonal sweaters yourself.

Men's Christmas Jumpers


Men’s Christmas Jumpers by jayne-crammond featuring a christmas sweater

Women's Christmas Jumpers


Women’s Christmas Jumpers by jayne-crammond featuring a boxy sweater

Boxy sweater

Jumper top

Short sleeve tee

Red sweater

Jumper top


Christmas Sweater

Kids and Babies Christmas Jumpers


Kids and Babies Christmas Jumpers by jayne-crammond featuring a jumper top

Are you a smart or casual mum?

queen_mum_12When you become a mum, it seems that there are two ways to go in terms of your clothing. You can choose to embrace motherhood completely and become the most practically dressed person on the planet or you can make a positive decision to retain your own sense of style and if that means putting a lot of effort into your clothes, you carry on doing so regardless of how little time you have to do it.

A lot depends on who you hang out with, of course. If you’re surrounded by well-dressed people who obviously spend a lot of time, thought and money on their clothes, it tends to rub off on you, even if you’re a bit of a jeans and T-shirt fan. On the other hand, if the people you’ve got to know through various toddler groups all dress down when they’re out with the kids, you might feel too smart in the clothes you’d usually choose to wear.

Thankfully in today’s society, there are no particular dress codes, except perhaps in some work places, so you should really wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. But regardless of whether you’re a smart or casual dresser, there are certain essential wardrobe items no mum of young children should be without.

The first priority item is a good jacket. Think of how many hours you spend at the park, often when it’s colder than you’d like it to be, and the kids somehow don’t seem to feel the need to get back inside where it’s warm. In the winter you can’t beat a down-filled puffer jacket for keeping you cosy and cheerful while they want one more push on the swing, or one more go on the slide. Come spring though, and that puffer jacket can feel far too hot, yet without it, there’s a risk of getting chilly when the clouds cover the sun. That’s when you need to move to a spring jacket – and utility coats are a really practical option here. Check out this jacket from Superdry that is an eminently practical colour – an army green that goes with almost any colour. It’s also got an array of handy pockets; perfect for packing in a few snacks for the kids and tissues for their runny noses! It’s casual, so suitable for everyday wear, yet it’s equally suitable for an occasion when you wear something smarter underneath.

The next wardrobe essential for a mum about town is a good pair of jeans; practical enough to cope with your kids’ sticky fingers being swiped across them, but you can still choose a tailored pair that most flatters your body shape.

Add some colour with a number of different tops – long and short-sleeved t-shirts for those days when it’s going to be warm, and lightweight jumpers that can be worn on their own or added as an extra layer of warmth when you need them. If you want to dress your look up a little, choose a cotton shirt or blouse in lieu of the t-shirt, and you instantly look smarter. Similarly, you can switch the utility jacket for a neutral trench coat for a more sophisticated look.

Some mums you see will always wear the same kind of thing, like they have a mum uniform; while others will be wearing something different every time you see them. The best option is to wear the clothes that you feel most at ease in. If you like what you’re wearing you’ll feel far more ready to deal with whatever the day throws at you.

Masses of Dresses! A T.K. Maxx Kids Clothes Review

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at T.K. Maxx got in touch and asked if they could send us a £100 gift card to spend in store.

“Err, YES!” I thought, imagining a new pair of Converse for myself.

Except, alas, the cash was not for I, but my darling daughter who was being invited to check out the kids range at T.K. Maxx. I was thrilled for her; watching her face when Husband and I gave her a gift card, loaded with £100 and telling her that she could choose whatever she wanted was a gift that money can’t buy (well, money can’t buy; but a £100 gift card can!)

So off we went to our local T.K. Maxx, located in The Royals Shopping Centre in Southend on Sea and down to their basement where the treasure trove of kids clothes is held. Our T.K. Maxx is fairly large but not as big as the one at Lakeside, so although there was a fair few items in Sausage’s size, there wasn’t as much as I thought there would be. After about 20 minutes of browsing, Sausage had made her choices (click the photo to go straight to the T.K. Maxx a Kids department online):

1. Wearing Your ♥ on Your Sleeve – £9.99

2. Aphorism summer dress – £7.99

3. Ralph Lauren knitted dress – RRP £190.00 – £29.99

4. BeBop teadress – £12.99

5.  David Charles dress – RRP £169.99 – £29.99 reduced to £15

6. Sugar Pink Two piece set – £7.99

7. Apollo leggings – £4

8. Aphorism A-Line striped dress – £9.99

We also let Sausage pick out a little kids nail painting kit, which was £7.99, bringing the total shop up to £105.93, which I think is marvellous considering what we got and the actual original value. A couple of the labels, not all, had what the original selling price of the items would have been and based on these alone, we’ve saved an enormous £315! The Ralph Lauren dress was a particularly awesome find, given that it’s a little big now but will be perfect in the winter and as it’s a thick, knitted style, it’ll be perfect for the cooler weather.

The whole experience was absolutely lovely; Sausage had so much fun being allowed to run loose with her gift card ,which, incidentally she insisted on calling her credit card and was liberal in her very public proclamations about how rich she was! If you have an almost-five-year old girl, or based on my personal experience, any female between the ages of 4 and 64, with a birthday coming up and are stuck for something to buy them, a gift-card is a masterstroke and created unbridled glee in our daughter for days afterwards!

Thanks so much to T.K. Maxx for gifting this to Sausage, she had a great day and has worn almost every item that she bought already.

Meet My BritMums Live! Sponsor

Me and BritMums Live! has been a bit of an on-again-off-again affair. I got a ticket quite early on and secured a sponsor, only to have a flash of guilt at being away from Sausage overnight, especially as the Friday is a Baker Day at her school. Then I realised that I could just go on the  Saturday and miss the Friday (what with not being nominated for a BiB and all…*harumph*! :-P), but by then I’d given away my ticket and sponsor so I couldn’t go and spent a long time moping around and generally feeling left out.

However, along came my Knights in Shining Armour, in the form of Swimwear365, who offered to buy me a ticket! So, thanks to these lovely peeps, I’ll now be attending again!

I hadn’t ever been on the Swimwear365 site before and imagined from the name that it would literally be a site that sold swimwear. Oh, how wrong I was! Swimwear365 sell stuff for the whole family and their range covers swimwear (obvs!) but also shapewear, beachwear, holiday fashion, accesories and loads more besides. Here’s a few of the things from their site that I love (click on photos for links):

I absolutely love this layered beach dress. It’s pretty and practical and could be worn over a bikini or swimsuit, or even dressed up with heels and some jewellery for a casual evening on holiday.

I have a huge thing for Converse and adore these cute polka-dotted ones, which would go with just about everything I own!

Sausage would look super cute in this playsuit. I really like playsuits for kids as they cover up and allow them to run around to their hearts content without being restrictive or too hot.

Husband is one of those people who’d wear shorts even in the snow, so I reckon he’d love a pair of these.

So, there you have it! Thanks so much to Swimwear365, and if you’re going to BritMums Live…SEE YOU THERE!

Hotter Shoes – Review and Giveaway

Hi. My name is Jayne. I’m a woman and I like shoes. I’m sorry if that statement upsets you or if this admission takes the sheen off of my feminist-lefty-pro choice exterior, but I can’t help that. I do have a few disclaimers to add though:

1. I like my shoes to look nice

2. Above all, they MUST be comfortable

Gone are the days that I teeter around all day long in 5-inch heels, my ankles just cannot take the pressure anymore and I’m not as…lithe as I was in my early 20’s. The problem I have it that most of the shoes that I find aesthetically pleasing are actually ankle-murdering, toe-binding, blister-forming nightmares and I have an awful habit of buying shoes (hello, 4-inch leopard print pumps bought for 25th birthday evening…) and wearing them only once or twice before vowing to never torture my feet in them ever again.

So, when I was offered a pair of Hotter shoes to try, having heard their reputation of style and comfort, I tried to remain open minded. These are the ones I chose:

The heel on the shoes is enough to elongate the leg and make me feel taller without being a such an oblique angle that all of the pressure is on the balls of my feet, which is a real bonus. I’m a big fan of wearing slightly muted clothes with a statement shoe and these really fit the bill and I have several outfits that I could wear them with too, so they get another 10 points for versatility. The shoes are of a really good quality too, which makes me sound a bit like my Nan, but the older I get the more stock I place on quality rather than ‘BUY ALL THE THINGS’ and have them fall apart in minutes.

The wedges have a cushioned sole, which added to the comfort factor and they’re slightly wider than your average fashion heel too, so there’s room for ALL of your toes, not just 60% of them whilst the others are squished to oblivion. All in all, these shoes are EPIC.

Now, here’s the fun part – You can win your very own pair of Hotter shoes too! Hotter have given Mum’s the Word readers a chance to win any pair of shoes from their current collection. Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ANNNND, as if that wasn’t good enough, Hotter have been kind enough to give Mum’s the Word readers their own discount code, giving new customers 10% off of any full priced pair of shoes from the current range and free P&P on your order!

Just use the code PHAMTW at the checkout.

Good luck!

Jubilee Outfit Emergency!

Don’t you just love that thing that kids do?

“Mum, can I have a drink please? Oh yeah, by the way, I’m going to a party tomorrow…”

Cue parental panic and frantic searching for details of said party, but after a quick phone call to Nursery, we discovered that the party is in fact on Friday, but there is a Jubilee theme, so the kids should be accordingly attired.

Right. Okay.

Off we went to town to look for something for Sausage to wear. First stop, Next. They had loads of pretty dresses, shoes and what-not made of various Union flag print material, but we wanted to get her something that she’d wear more than once, so we went for this:

Which will be teamed with these:

and maybe some Union Flag hairclips and white ankle socks. What do we reckon? Jubilant enough?! It’s nice for little girls to wear dresses and I can be quite old fashioned with Sausages clothes at times but I thought this was a funky little outfit that she can wear all of the items of again and again.

I’ll let you know how it goes!