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The Gallery – The 80’s

I’ve not joined in with The Gallery for ages, mostly because I’m so rubbish at blogging that I only find out the theme once the linky is almost closed, but as a child of the Eighties, I felt it was my duty to show you some photos and generally give myself the chance to show off just how damn CUTE I was as a child. So here goes…

Me, looking cute in a bouncy chair:

Me, looking cute (but grainy) sitting in a cardboard box with a dog…(yeah, I don’t know either…):

Me again, pulling some fairly obnoxious faces in a photo booth, but still looking cute:

And finally, the pièce de résistance – The cutest photo EVER TAKEN of me:

(I’m even in a caravan – how 80’s is that?!)

If you want to see some fabulously 80’s-tastic hair and fashion, head over to Sticky Fingers where everyone else has linked up.


What’s in the Post?

Ooh, what could it be?!


Gold boxes hold so much promise!


Red, White and Blue…


Recognise those faces?


DALLAS! Yee haw!

Woo hoo! Warner Brothers have kindly sent me season one and two of Dallas and I cannot wait to have an eighties-tastic viewing marathon. I wonder if I can think of some eighties snacks to go along with watching? Lean Cuisine, Slush Puppies and Opal Fruits, anyone?!