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Not confident with a paint brush? 5 simple ways to add colour to your bedroom

From dull décor to boring beds, our bedrooms can look drab pretty quickly. Clothes on the floor,
tired old bedding, dust, scratched and scuffed walls, the list goes on. If you wanted to give your
bedroom décor a bit of a boost, you could try injecting a little colour here and there. But if you’re
not confident with a paintbrush, then the idea of stripping walls and making it look professional can seem a little daunting.

Even if you’ve recently had a decorator do all the hard work for you and you’ve even had new
skirting boards installed – check out the skirtings r us website for more information – if your room is lacking personality then it can leave you feeling a bit deflated.

But don’t worry! Did you know there are ways you can add colour without picking up a paintbrush? Read on for 5 simple ways to achieve a pop of colour.

Big colourful art

If you live in rented accommodation and painting just isn’t permitted, then hanging a piece of big, colourful art will certainly draw attention for all the right reasons. Not only can you select something that’s big and bold but also something that reflects your personality and really puts a stamp on the property without risking your deposit.

Pillows and throws

With the colder weather now upon us, we’re looking for ways to make our bedrooms extra cosy and comfortable and there’s no easier way than treating yourself to a new pillow, cushion and throw – or three! Choosing vibrant, even clashing colours will really give your room a “pop” effect as well as providing the perfect place to hibernate and binge on all those TV box sets.

Colourful curtains and beautiful blinds

Introducing a set of curtains to any room, makes it look “finished”. They’ll add an extra layer of style and comfort to your bedroom too, so they’re definitely worth investing in. They also serve as an easy way of introducing colour, particularly if the current colours of your room are muted. If you wanted something really eye catching then you could hang two different colours! If you prefer blinds, then you’re in luck – any good blind stockist will have something to suit your colourful tastes and budget.

A rug

Who says you should neglect the floor? Dragging yourself out of bed most mornings will be a little better if the first thing your feet land on is a thick, soft rug. You can buy these in a range of colours, styles and textures so you can really get something that compliments your style.

Upscale your hardware and accessories

This might sound a lot harder than it is! By hardware, I mean things like door handles, the knobs on your wardrobe or bedside table – all these things can be replaced with something bright and vibrant. They’re simple to install and don’t even have to be permanent; you can swap them back again if your taste changes.

(Not So) Extreme Make over: Home Edition

Now that we’ve lived in this house for three years, our landlord has become a little more easy-going about letting us add our own touches to the place. We’re planning feature walls in both bedrooms, pink for Sausage and a gorgeous sage-green for Husband and I. The one hurdle that we’ve faced is buying curtains or blinds for the rooms. Both rooms have huge windows, with Sausage’s being the most awkward, her bay window measuring about 11 feet wide!

Just recently we’ve discovered these Perfect Fit blinds from Web-Blinds, which fit inside the frames of UPVC windows. They don’y have a pull string, which makes them perfect for a child’s room as, like many parents, I would seriously worry about the safety risks associated with conventional blinds. They come in a gorgeous range of colours too, so Sausage won’t need to sacrifice the girly theme that she’s got going on with just about every shade of pink possible somewhere in her room!

Another thing we’d love is laminate flooring. I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion on this blog that living in a house with a beige carpet when you have an almost 5 year old and a dog is not idea – I’m not sure I even remember what this carpet is supposed to look like anymore, such is the extent of the swirls of mud/Ribena/crayon stains that are dotted about and despite our valiant efforts to clean it last year, I think we need to admit that our pile has had the guts knocked out of it!

This Butter Oak laminate flooring is absolutely stunning and would look so fab in our lounge, especially if we were to scatter a couple of coordinating rugs around. It would be fabulously easy to clean and would definitely be a lot more resilient than our carpet, which is now so flimsy that the Dyson sometimes pulls whole lines of thread out of it!

I think that makes me pretty easy to please – a lick of paint, some blinds and a nice floor and I’d be a very contented blogger!