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Four Conditions Which Medical Marijuana Can Help

medical marijuanaHere in the UK, medical marijuana is rarely prescribe, which is a terrible shame as it’s proving to be a hugely helpful drug for so many conditions. Cannabis clinics in Canada¬† are prescribing for more and more conditions and the explosion of marijuana as a medical treatment is having a knock-on effect on both crime rates AND contributing huge amounts to the economy. I’ve been doing some research myself recently about medical marijuana and was surprised by some of the conditions which can be treated using it, so I thought I’d give you a look at some of the many things that can be helped by cannabis:


Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus can grow in other parts of the abdomen and even in other organs such as the lung and brain. As well as heavy bleeding and infertility, endometriosis causes chronic pain and muscle contractions, both of which can be helped by medical marijuana. Many opiates don’t have an effect on endometriosis pain, but cannabis has been hugely beneficial to sufferers, who’ve replaced strong pain killers entirely. If you wanna know about marijuana dispensaries, visit this article.


Adult ADHD is a massively under-researched condition which is finally getting recognition and more diagnoses. The effects of marijuana on adhd can be truly profound and many sufferers prefer to use marijuana than conventional ADHD drugs as there are far fewer side effects. Marijuana can help with focus issues, sleep problems and some of the impulsiveness and tics which can be associated with ADHD.


There has been masses of research done into the effects of marijuana on cancer, and despite the fact that it’s still rarely being used, it’s being shown to have huge effects on cancerous growths. As well as helping the cancer itself, cannabis can be used to help stimulate an appetite in patients who are being treated with chemotherapy, which in turn can help patients to avoid weight loss and loss of energy during treatment.


According to a study which was conducted back in 2013, marijuana can reduce seizures in patients by up to 50%, which could potentially be a huge number of people who could be helped. Epilepsy can have a profound effect on a person’s life, so something as simple as cannabis as a treatment rather than expensive drugs which have negative side effects could change the lives of millions of people.

Do you have a chronic condition which could be helped by medical marijuana? Do leave me a comment below as I’d love to hear about it.


cannabis breast cancerMore than one in ten of all the cases of cancer in females is breast cancer. Breast cancer is nowadays the fifth most popular cause of death by cancer and the second most popular type of non-skin cancer.

Marijuana has been widely recognized as an efficient means of treating various types of cancer. It has been known to stop or reverse the progress of cancer. It has also been used to treat various symptoms that cause cancer. There are over a hundred different types of cancer that people suffer from. They include cancers of the skin, lung, prostate, colon, breast, brain etc. Breast cancer is one of the most common of all. It is estimated that 12.5% of women will suffer breast cancer. Breast cancer accounts for at least 10.4% of cancer cases in women worldwide.

In the year 2004, 519,000 people died from breast cancer in the world. This is about 7% of all deaths by cancer. And it is about 1% of total deaths worldwide. The scientific research the last years has proven that cannabidiol (a chemical compound of Cannabis) has the ability to stop the gene that causes metastasis in a kind of breast cancer. The breast cancer is called triple-negative.

The hormone epidermal growth factor receptor 2 also known as HER-2, estrogen receptors and some progesterone receptors are the facilitators of most breast cancers.

Progesterone receptor positive (PR+) and estrogen receptor positive (ER+) are common and they could be present in 66% of breast cancer cases especially in older women. The receptors are sensitive to at least one of these hormones.

Triple-Negative breast cancers do not show these receptors so the ways to fight them are less than normal. This kind affects about 15% of cancer patients and it does not have the 3 hormone receptors that most successful cancer therapies focus on.

CBD and THC can work in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system of the body to prevent cancer cell growth, prevent the spread of cancer cells and cause the death of cancer cells. There are several medical marijuana strains that could help fighting the symptoms of cancer.

THC and CBD can also stop healthy cells from being affected by cancer cells. Marijuana has no side effects unlike chemotherapy, opiates and most pharmaceutical therapies available.

A study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology and conducted in 2014 at the California Pacific Medical Research Center showed that CBD the non-psychoactive cannabinoid can be efficient at curbing the growth of breast cancer cells. The researchers revealed that CBD could be a more harmless and efficient treatment for cancer. It avoids the negative effects of chemotherapy and it works for many patients unlike chemotherapy that works for just a certain percentage of cancer patients.

One of the major health concerns for women worldwide is breast cancer. The means available for treating breast cancer are painful, costly and come with side effects. It is hoped that the ongoing research will bring us new evidence will show the effectiveness of marijuana in fighting cancer and saving more lives.