I’ve become a bit more fussy about doing reviews on my blog lately, only taking products which interest me, and I’ve also made a point of spending time actually using the product before I write about it. Yes, I love getting free stuff and trying new things, but if I’m going to recommend something, I want to be able to do it with at least a shred of integrity.

A few months ago, Sausage was sent the whole range of Earth Friendly Kids toiletries in Zingy Citrus, and I really do think it’s important to use these things for a period of time before making a decision about them, especially when it affects our kids. So we’ve faithfully used the range and the verdict is in! We were sent a  bodywash and shampoo, hand soap , moisturiser and bubblebath, which all have a wonderfully zingy smell (just like it says on the bottle!). One thing you should know about my kid, if you don’t already, is that she has very thick, very curly and very unruly hair. You can get lost in that hair, and I’ve found the occasional Subbuteo man nestling at the back. Not every shampoo will cut it with Sausage’s hair and we need something with a pretty heavy-duty foaming action to get through the mass of curls. The Earth Friendly Kids Bodywash and Shampoo did us proud! It dealt with Sausages hair wonderfully and her hair didn’t dry out, like it does with Johnsons Baby Shampoo. The handwash has been a particular favourite as it comes in a handy pump, which has been invaluable for us now that Sausage is using the toilet.

The bubblebath is very watery when you pour it out and you’ll think that it won’t give a very good lather, but it really does and it doesn’t disappear after five seconds like many bubblebaths, it’s foamy and rich and again, smells fantastic. The moisturiser is creamy and easy to apply, it soaks in well and doesn’t feel at all greasy. Another really important thing for you to know is that Sausage has very sensitive skin. Using anything vaguely harsh on her skin will bring her out in a red, pimply, dry rash which can last for days, and that even extends to being caused by certain ‘sensitive’ brands of  baby wipes. The whole range of Earth Friendly Kids products has been very kind to her skin and we’ve seen no sign of irritation or redness since using them.

So, we’ve been pretty chuffed with the range and though things couldn’t get any better.

Then, we were sent the other scent in the range, Minty Lavender. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Minty Lavender range is the single nicest smelling children’s  toiletry we have EVER used. Seriously. It’s that nice that Husband and I have been using it too! Husband shaves his head and has been using the moisturiser after shaving as it feels and smells so amazing, I adore the handwash as it makes my hands smell incredible every time I use it, and Sausage just loves it all. You wouldn’t think that a combo of mint and lavender would smell so good, but it really does smell good enough to eat!

The earth friendly kids products all promise to be:

  • mild & gentle
  • natural ingredients
  • appealing to kids
  • no artificial colouring
  • no testing on animals

Best of all, they’re affordable too, ranging from £2.49 up to £4.99. If you want to see the range for yourself, you can have a look at their website and their Facebook page. We’ll definitely be buying more when this lot runs out, once you’ve had Minty Lavender, everything else pales into insignificance!