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British Comedies – My Top 5

We’re huge fans of all kinds of comedy, here in the MTW house, but British comedy is in a different league and there are so many shows that we’ve loved, some of which span decades. Comedy is a great source of stress relief for me; nothing takes away the stresses of the day better than sitting down to watch something that’s so funny, I can’t help but laugh. Mayfair Granite have asked me to share some of my favourite British comedies with you, so here they are:

The Young Ones

The Young OnesSome of my earliest memories are of watching taped episodes of The Young Ones when I was even smaller than Sausage but the humour definitely had an effect on me as I was growing up (perhaps I can blame my slightly anarchic leanings on Rik?!). The characters are so perfectly ludicrous and it also introduced me to bands like Motorhead and Madness, forming a lifelong love of both.

The Good Life

The Good Life

The Good Life, if you haven’t already seen it, was a mid-70’s comedy about a Surbiton couple who decided to get out of the rat-race and become self-sufficient by farming their own land, growing fruit and veg and keeping various livestock (including Geraldine the goat!), much to the disgust of their close friends and perennially middle-class neighbours. The Good Life is one of those shows that’s a bit like a security blanket for me, I can watch it over and over again and always feel happy when I watch it.

Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge

I know a lot of people can’t watch Alan Partridge purely because of the extremely high cringe-factor, and I must admit to watching through my fingers sometimes (“Lynne. The brass dimmer switches, the granite worktops and your eight thousand pounds a year are all paid for by Eurovision thong contest, boob olympics and a wet Christmas.”) but it’s genuinely one of the funniest shows of all time and well worth trying to watch if you haven’t already.



Pulling was a mid-noughties show about three women who live in Penge, one of whom had just recently jilted her fiance at the alter. The characters are hilariously outrageous (Tanya is my absolute favourite) and the whole show is just brilliantly written. Sharon Horgan, who you’ll probably recognise from the more recent show Catastrophe, is perfect as Donna and the cameos by Paul Kaye are some of the funniest parts of both series’.

Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses

You can’t talk about British Comedy without mentioning Only Fools and Horses. This show is loved by 90 year olds and nine year olds alike (I once overheard Sausage and one of her cousins “playing” a game of OFAH, but no-one wanted to be Cassandra!!). I think the reason this show worked so well was because we genuinely cared about the characters (the episode where Uncle Albert runs away from home still gets me in the feels every time…) and it’s so cleverly written that even slightly adult humour is included in a way that the kids are still oblivious to.

There are SO many more I could write about individually, but I don’t want to bore you, so if you haven’t already, may I also recommend that you watch Red Dwarf, Peep Show, Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd, Black Adder, Ideal….there are just too many to name! What’s your favourite British comedy?

How To Be British

I saw a newspaper headline yesterday and annoyingly enough, I can’t bloody well find it now. The general jist of it though was that a new study has shown that something like 75% of British people want immigration to be halted, especially Eastern Europeans (if anyone has the link, please hit me up with it in the comments). Now, to be fair, tabloids should generally be taken with a pinch of salt, so I’m not going to start doing an Uncle Albert-style intake of air, but I am surprised that it’s at 75%. I’m not sure about the demographics of the survey participants either, which is a factor.

However, in the spirit of giving, I thought I’d give any Eastern Europeans, or indeed any immigrants, some tips on how to truly integrate themselves into the British way of life and avoid the (blatantly middle-class) glare of disapprovers. Here’s the Mum’s the Word guide on How to Be British.

Be Shit At Your Job

This particularly applies if you’re a manual labourer, though far be it from me to stereotype. If you do, however, do something manual and want to appear truly British in doing so, this is what you need to do. When asked for a quote, make sure you make the job sound akin to single-handedly building a replica of the Great Pyramid. Suck air over your teeth a lot, make lots of hmmm-ing sounds. When you do eventually get around to giving a quote, make sure it’s 4 times higher than you’d normally charge for it. Tell the client that it’s going to take at week and then drag it on for over three months. When actually performing the task, be as conspicuous as possible so as to disrupt the person’s life and spend a large portion of the day making rasping noises with your throat to hint that you want another cup of tea.

Claim To Know A Gangster

This one particularly applies if you’re living in the South East, but no self-respecting true Brit can resist dropping in a reference here and there to how their Grandad was bezzy mates with Ronnie and Reggie, or how Pate Tate was like an Uncle to them when they were growing up. No-one is truly British without a story about the Krays, in fact I think they’re thinking of making it part of the citizenship requirements. Adopting phrases like “It’s not a bit of me” or cockney rhyming slang will also help greatly here.

Put Up With Shit Service

There is nothing more quintessentially British than allowing someone you’re paying to treat you like shit. Stroppy waiters, dodgy shop staff and customer service agents who don’t know the meaning of the term. And don’t forget, the worse they treat you, the more you bend over and take it like a good little Brit. Make sure you still leave a tip, even if you’re certain that was a bogey floating in your soup.

Insist That The Majority of Your Food is Tasteless Sludge

If food isn’t in pie form, it’s foreign muck. If you holiday abroad, make sure there’s a pie and mash shop/chip shop/greasy spoon at the resort, otherwise you’ll starve. Declare garlic to be disgusting and any meat that’s not roast beef to be pointless.

Dress Appallingly


Pearly Knobbers

Pearly Knobbers


(Disclaimer: Please be aware that this post is entirely tongue-in-cheek. I’m proud to British and all that jazz, this is just a response to more tabloid fuck-wittery)