Yesterday we had the privilege of being invited to our local Build-a-Bear Workshop with Sausage so that she could build her very own bear and see what the overall experience is like. Our appointment was at 3pm and because nothing is ever simple in the Mum’s the Word house, right around 11am, it started snowing heavily. Not to be deterred, I phoned the shop and asked if we could put it back by an hour to give ourselves plenty of time to get there and off we went.

The front of the store is bright, open and welcoming and we were greeted by the store manager Jackie and our lovley bear-builder Sophie who took Sausage and got started right away.

First, she chose her bear

Then, she chose a heart and something that played a jingle

Then came the stuffing!

Then the bear was fluffed up and brushed

Then an outfit was chosen…and boy was there a lot to choose from!

Then she was named and a birth certificate was created

Then a decree was made to the whole of Lakeside that Sausage would love her bear and protect her forever

And so…Sofia was born!


I can honestly say that Sausage was treated like absolute royalty, the staff were attentive and engaging and guided her through the whole process. The lady who was helping us, Sophie, really made the whole experience magical for Sausage and for that we cannot thank her enough. Our daughter came away from the Build-a-Bear Workshop one seriously happy little girl!

For the sake of giving a fair review, I eavesdropped a little bit onto another little girl who was being served while we were in the store and can say that she was getting the same treatment of us, so I don’t think for one minute that the red carpets were rolled out because we were there for a review. All of the staff were happy and helpful.

The bear itself would have cost around £45 if we’d not been receiveing Sofia for free and that covers the bear and all of the clothing and accessories. Now, this may seem like a lot but for a special occassion, this would make an amazing birthday or Christmas treat for any little girl or boy. They offer football kits, Star Wars characters and more, as well as the girlier options, so there’s something for all kids.

As a side note, I should also add that one of my friends had a Build-a-Bear made for me when I was about 15, a cow in a pink satin outfit and I STILL have her to this day, almost 15 years later and she is in pristine condition, so these bears really do last and are WELL worth the money.

We want to say an enormous thank you to everyone at Build-a-Bear Worshop for giving Sausage what she keeps describing as the ‘best day of my life’ and can say from Sausage, Husband and I that these shops have the full Mum’s the Word seal of approval and recommendation.