Should I DIY My Asbestos Removal?

asbestos removal

So, your house has asbestos – you can just take it out right? Surely, there are some DIY instructions out there on the internet somewhere.

Well, while there probably are some of these sort of instructions, the last thing you want to be doing is removing asbestos from your home yourself. It’s a job best left to the professionals.

But, how do you even know if you home has asbestos, and what is asbestos for that matter? Keep reading to learn more about what asbestos actually is and why it should be removed in the first place.

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Here’s What Happens When You Have a Diabetic Foot Assessment

diabetic foot assessment

Did you know that if you suffer from diabetes, it’s important to have your feet regularly assessed by a foot specialist, like a podiatrist?

When someone has diabetes, it means that there is an increased amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is essential for providing us with energy, however, when there is too much of it, or the body is unable to produce the right amount of insulin to convert the glucose into energy, so you end up with higher amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.

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Productivity Hacks To Stay On Schedule When Working From Home

With remote and hybrid work environments on the rise, just about every professional out there needs a home office. With this, when setting up your home office, you must consider office layout as a crucial factor. The layout of your office space will massively impact productivity, as layout impacts ergonomics substantially.

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