The Gallery

The Gallery

This week’s Gallery theme is ‘Youth’ and whilst looking through some old photos, I found this one of my Mum. I’m pretty sure this is before she had me, I’d guess she was about eighteen here but I just think she looks awesome. I love her outfit, it’s something that I could totally see a girl of that age wearing today; who’d have thought I was related to a timeless style icon?!

And just in case you’re straining your eyes to read the back of that bloke’s cut, yes, it does say Hell’s Angels. My mother had a pretty colourful youth, so it seems totally appropriate to use this photo here! She actually looks a bit pissed off in the photo, but maybe that’s just her trying to look tough next to all those hairy bikers? (I’m fully lol-ing as my little mum is only 5’2″!).

Mum photo 41122_459296932447_1893419_n_zpsc8bac50f.jpg


The Gallery

The Gallery – Colour

It’s that time of the week again when Tara at Sticky Fingers gives us a theme and we all link up the photos which we feel best illustrate it. This week’s theme is colour and I kind of struggled here. Mostly because I wanted to link up a photo of Sausage, given the incredible golden shade of her hair and the fact that she’s a colourful little pickle who brightens up my life, but I don’t tend to post photos of her so I had to just suck it up and find something else!

The photo I’ve chosen is actually a bit ironic. You see, it’s a close-up of a bowl of Lucky Charms, which we were sent by a company to try. I was seriously reluctant after reading the ingredients but I let Sausage try one bowl, despite tweeting that NOTHING this colourful could contain any nutrition. Luckily for me, she actually hated them which made it a lot easier for me to say ‘no more’, and they got retired after just two spoonfuls, but not before I’d taken a photo or two of them (as is law for bloggers, right?!).



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The Gallery – The 80’s

I’ve not joined in with The Gallery for ages, mostly because I’m so rubbish at blogging that I only find out the theme once the linky is almost closed, but as a child of the Eighties, I felt it was my duty to show you some photos and generally give myself the chance to show off just how damn CUTE I was as a child. So here goes…

Me, looking cute in a bouncy chair:

Me, looking cute (but grainy) sitting in a cardboard box with a dog…(yeah, I don’t know either…):

Me again, pulling some fairly obnoxious faces in a photo booth, but still looking cute:

And finally, the pièce de résistance – The cutest photo EVER TAKEN of me:

(I’m even in a caravan – how 80’s is that?!)

If you want to see some fabulously 80’s-tastic hair and fashion, head over to Sticky Fingers where everyone else has linked up.

The Gallery

The Gallery – Faces

I haven’t done a Gallery post in a while; in fact, I haven’t done a blog post in a while, at least not one which required me to commit my own words to a page. Those of you who know me will know that my family lost a member last week, my stepmum Lorraine. Lorraine had been battling cancer, melanoma to be precise. She was 42 when she died, in fact it had been her 42nd birthday just ten days earlier, which she’d spent in hospital.

I still can’t believe she’s gone. When I think of my Dad, I think of them as a pair – Dad and Lorraine, it just trips off of the tongue. But sadly, so fucking sadly, my father is now just ‘Dad’. I cannot even begin to tell you all of the emotions that have gone through me in the last two weeks, I’m utterly, utterly devastated, as is Husband and of course the rest of the family. Unfair just does not even begin to cover it. I’m not quite able to write about this in the way I’d like to, not able to do Lorraine justice with my words as I still feel largely in shock.

A few days ago, I was going through my emails and I found some pictures of Sausage that I’d emailed to my Dad a couple of years ago and one pictures stopped me in my tracks.

It’s a picture of Lorraine holding Sausage.

You can’t see Lorraine’s face, only Sausage’s, but the look on my infant daughter’s face says everything you need to know about how she felt about Lorraine. Indeed, how we all felt about her.

I hope, in time, that I’m better able to write something that does justice to the woman who touched our lives and whom we already miss so much. But for now, I’ll let this picture and Sausage’s face do the talking.

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The Gallery – Dads

The title for this week’s Gallery posts is ‘Dads’ and it’s quite poignant that it’s plural, because I do indeed have two.

The one I was born with wasn’t much cop. He was young, he’ll admit himself to having been selfish and there were a lot of occasions where he let me down and wasn’t there when he should have been. He was only 20 when I was born, and though in some cases that may have been old enough to deal with the responsibility of fatherhood, for mine it wasn’t. He and my Mum split when I was 5 and I only saw him a handful of times a year, mostly birthdays and Christmas.

Although it was painful for me to have an absent father, my step dad more than made up for it. I was a bit of an odd kid, I didn’t really play well with kids of my own age, I just didn’t find them stimulating and things like Barbie largely bored me. My step dad seemed to know how to get through to me, how to engage me. One of my fondest memories is when he gave me an invoice book that he’d got from work, and we’d play ‘Antiques Dealer’ where he’d come into my ‘shop’, pretend to buy items of our furniture and I’d write him out an invoice in my invoice book. Hey, I told you I was odd! Sunday afternoons were my favourite times as we’d go to a bootsale in the morning then come home and while Mum did housework and cooked dinner, Dad (I’ve called him Dad since very early on) would sit with me while I went through his huge vinyl collection and let me choose whatever I wanted to listen to. It was a fantastic time and a real education. I couldn’t be more grateful.

As the years went by and my bio dad grew up, he became a much better father, and has really stepped up in the last few years. He’s a brilliant grandad to Sausage and visits regularly, even though he’s had a lot on his plate. He’s a great Dad to my little (half) brother too, and far from being bitter that he gets a version of Dad that I didn’t, I’m just super stoked for my little bro.

So, I guess you could say I’m lucky. I get two Dads.

But what makes me feel luckiest of all is watching Sausage with her Dad. I could not imagine a more doting father, and it warms my heart to witness their growing relationship. When people used to say “Oh, isn’t she a Daddy’s girl?” I’d feel a pang of jealousy. I now just feel a huge amount of pride, for both my husband and my daughter. She idolises her father and he returns that love and adoration a million times over. It’s palpable, when they’re in the same room together, or just sat at Husband’s desk, drawing a picture. Two peas in a pod. And they’re both mine.

I’m definitely the lucky one.