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questions and answersMy gorgeous friend Mary from Keynko has tagged me to answer some questions and seeing as I’m having a total blogging lull where I have about 7 unfinished posts in my drafts at the moment, I thought this might be a good way to give myself a kick up the bum and get some mojo back! All I have to do is answer the following questions, make some up and then tag some other bloggers to join in.

Here are Mary’s questions and my answers:

What’s the worst movie you ever paid money to see?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one as I don’t go to the cinema to watch grown-up films very often these days! Justin and the Knights of Valour was probably the worst film we’ve seen as a family but we tried watching the Tom Cruise film ‘Oblivion’ at home and switched it off because it was SO bad. It’s very unusual for Husband and I not to persevere through even the weakest of film so that should give you a good idea of just how bad it really was. The newest Godzilla was also appallingly bad.

Where would your perfect Christmas be spent? 

I know it’s corny, but anywhere that my kids and Husband are. Ideally, in a cabin in the woods with snow outside, a log fire burning inside, Christmas dinner with all the trimmings followed by an evening of boardgames and fun, then the kids and Chuck snuggling under heavy blankets while Husband and I share a tipple by the fire. Having said that, we go to Husband’s Aunt’s house every year and have a huge family Christmas with lots of fun and games, which is pretty darn close to perfect anyway!

If you turn your “ipod”  (or equivalent music playing device) on what’s the first tune that plays?

At the moment, I listen to the most music whilst driving and I have a car stereo which takes memory sticks with .mp3s on them. If you turned the car on right now, you’d hear Disintegration by The Cure.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Oddly, my earliest memory is a nightmare. I have huge gaps in my memory because of childhood trauma but I remember this nightmare vividly; I was standing in my cot in my bedroom and there were giant crabs and lobsters trying to snap at me through the bars. It’s bizarre, because I haven’t been in that bedroom since I was 5 years old and I have no recollection of it other than in this memory of a nightmare, but I remember every single detail of what it looked like.

And are you a tea or coffee person? Mug or cup and saucer? 

Both. Give me ALL the hot drinks! I do adore the mini-luxury of a properly brewed cup of tea, made in a teapot and served in a cup and saucer, but I also love a bog standard mug of monkey tea. I probably drink more coffee than tea these days (and I’m addicted to a free Waitrose latte!) and we have both instant and proper coffee made in our machine. Funnily enough, one of our favourites is the £1.25 a pack Ikea ground coffee – it’s lovely and works out at literally a few pennies per cup.

So, now it’s MY turn to ask questions and tag some peeps!

What was the last thing that made you cry?

Finish this sentence…”Never have I ever…”

What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Would you rather fight one elephant sized gerbil, or 1000 gerbil sized elephants? Why?

If you had £50 to spend on something JUST for you, on what would you spend it?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen somebody do?

If you could have one superhero’s powers, what would you choose?

What would be the first sentence of a book about your life?

I tag: Kate at WitWitWoo, Steph at I’m Counting UFOs, Jen at Smiles and Trials, Emma at The Syders, Kylie at Not Even a Bag of Sugar and Sally at Who’s the Mummy – over to you guys to answer my questions and then make some up of your own.

All About ME! · Meme

What I’m Doing Now – A Meme

God, I love a meme, especially when it means I get to talk about myself, so when Sally from Who’s the Mummy (aka. The Ubiquitous One) asked if anyone would like to be tagged in this one, I was that annoying kid at the front of the class with one hand in the air (and a buttcheek lifted off of the seat so as to make the aforementioned hand just that little bit higher than everyone elses) yelling “Me, Miss, ME ME!”. So, here we go:

Currently I am:

Reading: Reading? What’s that? My beloved Kindle has been sorely neglected since BB came along and the only chance I get to read is when I take Sausage to her weekly musical theatre class. And then it depends on whether I’ve actually remembered to charge my Kindle. When I do get a chance, I’m still wading through Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.

Listening to: A lot of dance music. I think it’s a summer thing; I dream of laying on some Balearic beach somewhere while Tiesto DJs in the background. Oh, and BB (or ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’) seems to love MTV Dance, so I don’t get a lot of choice.

Laughing at: The current series of Louis CK’s TV show, Louis. He’s probably my all-time favourite comedian and after seeing him at The O2 a year or so ago, I still find him “HILARIOUS” (That’s actually a Louis joke…) NSFW

Swooning over: Is it cheesy if I say ‘My Husband’? It is? Well, tough, it’s true. We’ve been married for 8 years this August and I’m just as in love with him now as I was back then – he still gives me proper butterflies when I glance at him.

Planning: SUMMER! We’ve got a chart on the wall counting down to the summer holidays and I simply cannot wait until we get Sausage to ourselves for almost 7 weeks.

Eating lots of: Bacon (Yes, that faint groaning sound you’ve been hearing whilst reading this is the active narrowing of my arteries). Husband bought 5lb from an online butcher before I realised we didn’t have room for it in the freezer, so we’ve been working our way through it for the last week. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

Feeling: Snotty. Sausage has tonsilitis and every time she gets it, I end up with some weird coldy-virus thing, too. It’s cool though, I’m having my first night out since Burrito Baby was born tonight so burgers and beer are BOUND to help.

Discovering: whether or not we’re cut out for home educating. We’re not very happy with Sausage’s current teacher and we’re genuinely wondering if she’d be better off being homeschooled for a while.

Looking at: Reddit. It’s genuinely one of my favourite places on the whole internet. What’s not to love about a place where you can read just about any topic you can think of, whilst simultaneously looking at pictures of squirrels stealing Cheetos?


Wearing: A pair of chino shorts and a black and white stripy vest. It was my 30th birthday last week and I got some money to spend on clothes, hence my uncharacteristic smartness.

Cooking: See the aforementioned bacon…we’re currently looking for bacon related recipes as we’ve actually achieved the impossible and ended up sick of bacon sandwiches. I KNOW.

Wondering: How to have my hair cut when I go to the hairdressers tomorrow. Should I go for my tried-and-tested long layers, or mix things up a bit (for ‘mix things up a bit’ read: cling desperately to my 20’s with wild and inappropriate hairstyles that I won’t be able to replicate myself once I leave the salon)

Trying Out: Loom bands. I may be a little bit hooked. Ha! Hooked! Geddit?!


I’ll get my coat.

Now, because this is a wonderfully memetastic post, I get to tag three other bloggers:

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The Resolutions That I Wasn’t Going To Make…

This year, I decided that I wasn’t going to make any New Years Resolutions. Nope, no sir-ee, not me. I figured, if I don’t make them I can’t break them. I’ll just keep them as a vague idea in the back of my head and I certainly wasn’t going to blog them for you lot to see, lest one of you should spot me talking about chocolate on Twitter and remind me that I’m supposed to be dieting.

But that lovely Mummy Barrow has tagged me and she’s not the sort of person you just ignore, so here goes with a list of somewhat coherent resolutions for 2013.

Get in Shape

Yeah, alright, I can hear  you yawning from here. I say it EVERY YEAR. I never do it. My belly gets bigger and my yearn for biscuits gets greater. But this year, I am serious. I’ve got to do this. For my health, for my family, for my sanity. I’m sick to death of allowing food to rule my life. I start my new job in a couple of weeks and I figure that’s as good a chance as any to help me stick to my diet. I’ll be packing Cup-a-Soups and salads to take for lunch, I’m going to start running again (I have about three running bras that I need to review too) and I’m going to take my health rather more seriously than I have done up until now. If I ever get around to trying to have another baby, I need to  make sure I’m as fit as I can be before even trying.


One of the things that contributes to my overall bad health is stress. A combination of the weight I’m carrying and my inability to cut shit loose is causing a permanently painful neck and back because of muscle spasms and postural problems. My shoulder muscles are tighter than a duck’s bumhole and I really need to learn to not let external factors affect my mood so much. The last couple of years have been pretty tough in a lot of ways and this year is about me, Husband and Sausage getting things in order and enjoying ourselves.

Generally Sort My Life Out

This one seems like a cop-out but there are so many niggly little things that Husband and I want to do. Aside from sorting out the house we’re in now, moving the rooms around and making the space work for us, eventually we want to move so 2013 is about saving, saving, saving. Hopefully, as I spend less money on the junk food and SHIT that’s partly responsible for my poor health, that’ll be a lot easier. Obviously I’ll be bringing in a lot more money once work starts and if I’m at work and out of the house during the day, the opportunities to get bored and snack will be almost non-existent, which helps with number one and the saving money part, which will all help with moving. See, there’s method to my madness!

Blog, Blog, Blog

Mum’s the Word has gone from strength to strength and this will be my third year of blogging. I’m pretty darn proud of the collection of writing and photos that I have here and I want to try and make sure it continues on with its steady improvement. I also want to put more effort into Maternity Matters, which sustains itself as a resource pretty well but could be amazing if I made a bit more effort. I also hope to attend more conferences this year. BritMums is a MUST and I’ll be treating myself to a ticket as soon as I have the cash, or if anyone reading this wants to sponsor me…(worth a try, eh?!) and it’s on the weekend after my birthday, which is lovely timing. I want to try and get to some of the others too, but we’ll have to see about that!

I also have some minor resolutions like getting back into my dressmaking and improving my cooking skills, but they’re too little to have a heading all to themselves.

So, now to tag me some unsuspecting victims delightful participants…

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(Little-known blogging community fact – Jamillah, Nicola and I were all in the same form group at senior school!)


Gigs – A Meme.

This seems quite fitting following the Rammstein review I posted a couple of days ago, but I have to confess, I was not willingly tagged, I nagged @motherventing and @babberblog until someone said, “Er, yeah, I tag you and stuff…whatever”, or words to that effect. So here it is, a meme about gigs.

First Gig

This is quite an impressive one, I think. I’d been to see local bands and stuff before this, the the first real, proper gig I went to was the “Mastercard Masters of Music Concert for the Prince’s Trust”. Basically, at the first gig of my life, I got taken to Hyde Park and cut my gigging teeth at the age of 13, watching Alanis Morrisette, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jools Holland and The Who. Yes, The actual frigging Who! They were doing a Quadrophenia show and even had Phil Daniels and Trevor MacDonald performing with them. Needless to say, it was immense and will be remembered for the rest of my life.

Worst Gig

Sheesh. There have been a few. I have to confess, I may  have gone through a stage of liking Busted…I’ll give you a moment to recover.
*drums fingers*
Look, all I will say is, I liked Hanson when I was even younger, so I must have a thing for three-piece pseudo-rock boy-bands.
I’m making it worse, aren’t I?
Charlie Simpson. Real-life TWAT.

The thing is, despite seeing Busted in concert three times, the worst gig I ever went to was when Charlie Simpson (of Busted. Shut up, alright?) started playing with the band he’s in now, Fightstar. While the gig itself wasn’t too bad, the only people who would go with me were my parents. So there I was, a 20 year old woman in the Barfly in Camden with her parents. Oh and my Dad had just had a knee operation and Charlie Simpson and his flunkies almost knocked him over, so I screamed down the stairs at him about being “TOO FAMOUS FOR FUCKING MANNERS?!”. And then I met Harry from McFly outside and had my picture taken with him.

Remind me why I wanted to do this meme again?!
Best Gig
The best gig I ever went to was when I saw Foo Fighters in Hyde Park. It was incredible, finally getting to see my favourite band live, especially as they were supported my Motorhead, Juliette and the Licks and Queens of the Stone Age.
The only downside is that they were also supported by Angels and Airwaves who, quite frankly, suck donkey balls.
Last Gig
See above. It’s been a while.
Dream Gig
Hmm, this is tough, I could give you a list of people I’d like to see that would read like my own personal Woodstock, but really I think my dream gig would be to see Foo Fighters again, but in a small, intimate venue where they do some  acoustic songs, interact with the audience, have a chat…you know.
(and then invite me up on stage to do a rendition of Everlong with them, which has the audience weeping tears of pure joy because of the beauty of it all…ahem)
I think I’m supposed to tag people now, but I want everyone to have the chance to do it, so go on if you fancy it, leave me a comment below with the link, I’d love to read your answers too.



Saturday Caption

I’ve never got involved in this linky before but I thought I would this week, I love a good linky! So, here’s my offering:

So, leave me a comment below containing a caption for the photo above. Simple, right?