Let Us Tell You a Story...

Let Us Tell You a Story…Part 20

When you were little, did you ever play that game where you take it in turns with a friend to write a section of a story, until you had a complete tale? Well, the awesome Laura at Tired Mummy of Two has challenged a group of bloggers to do the same and today is my turn! I’m taking the baton from Sandy at Baby Baby, and the full list of blogs involved is below, if you want to read from the beginning.

Sandy’s last sentence was:

Laura’s ears were ringing. Poppy, her dog, was barking and running up and down the hall. Through the din, Laura heard Simon shouting,
“Laura, call 999, it’s Jude”.

Blue lights flashing, words dripping with urgency, head spinning.

On his way out, beating yet another cowardly retreat, Robert had send Jude flying, bashing her head on the corner of the Welsh dresser as her balance failed her. She’d been knocked unconscious, but now that she’d come around, the Doctors were confident that the damage was superficial, a cut to the head and a nasty concussion.

As Laura waited in the corridor of the A&E department, her head was swimming; she felt as though she were the one who’d been knocked unconscious. The events of the past 18 hours danced through her mind and she still couldn’t quite believe everything that had happened.

Robert was alive.

A few years ago, she’d have given anything to have heard those words. Despite the problems with their relationship, she’d have given anything to see him again, have one more conversation, feel his arms around her one more time. But she knew now that she’d been kidding herself. His betrayal ran so much deeper than the adultery that she’d suspected almost as soon as it had started.

A sob rose in her throat.

But she wasn’t sad about the betrayal or even finding out exactly how selfish her Husband had been. It was a sob of relief. She felt vindicated; she’d been right all along about his cheating and what happened that night hadn’t been her fault. It was as though a weight had been lifted, a weight that she’d be carrying since that fateful night. She could finally move on.

The sound of Simon’s footsteps in the corridor brought her out of her thoughts.

“How’s Jude?” she asked

“She’s fine, in the grand scheme of things. It’s a good job we were there or that cowardly bastard would have just left her for dead” Simon almost growled

“You don’t know the half of it, Si” Laura said, with a weary shake of her head.

As she explained the events of the night before and this morning, Simon could barely believe his ears. His emotions ranged from disbelief to anger to sadness for his sister, and right back round full circle to disbelief again.

Suddenly, he glanced at his watch.

“Oh shit, the time! Listen, sis, the doctors want to keep Jude in overnight for observation, to make sure the concussion doesn’t turn into anything nasty. We’ve talked about it and we want you to go on the cruise without us”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t…what about…” she started to protest

“Don’t even try to back out of it, Laura!” Simon said with a smile. “We arranged this all for you. We’ve even booked the best kennels in town for Poppy to stay in while you’re away. If you leave now, you can make it to the airport in time. There’s a taxi outside waiting for you, you just need to go home, grab your stuff and GO!”

“Are you sure?” Laura asked, still unsure about going on a cruise by herself

“Of course we’re sure, “ Simon reassured, “if Jude feels up to it, we can fly to Bermuda next week and catch the ship from there”.

Laura thought for a moment, the events of the day and last night’s alcohol still blocking what felt like certain vital parts of her brain. But she knew one thing.

She could really use a holiday…

So, there you have it! Will Laura make it to the airport on time? What happened to Tony? Will Robert ever get his comeuppance?

Head over to Cass at The Diary of a Frugal Family tomorrow to see what happens next!

Tired Mummy of Two