Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make the Perfect Gift

Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make the Perfect GiftAre you searching for the right gift to brighten up the day for a special someone? There are all kinds of gifts out there to choose from, but few will be remembered for years to come. Consider a few reasons why you should choose a luxurious gift basket for your loved one, family, or close friend.

Give an Exotic Gift

Why give the typical gift for an upcoming wedding, birthday bash, or other celebration when you can do something different? Of all of the kinds of gifts that you can give, gift baskets are a unique choice that has exotic flair. Anyone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind kind present will be happy to receive a gift basket. A well-designed gift basket denotes class, luxury, and warmth. Not only will your gift be impressive, but you don’t have to worry about someone else bringing a present that looks anything like yours. You can even find gift baskets for the guys, like a beef jerky gift box! All sets contain something that would be perfect for the men in your life.

Offer A Selection of Presents

Have you ever wanted to impress someone you were shopping for, but you didn’t know what to get? You are not alone in your quest. Fortunately, you can offer a diverse set of gifts to show your love, gratitude, and appreciation with gift hamper delivery in Sydney today. Gift baskets are a thoughtful choice for any occasion, but Pearson’s Gifting can also create an exclusive gift hamper that has a variety of wonderful items inside. You can give a gift filled with gourmet treats, cheese, Bordeaux Wine, candles, flowers, clothing, or toys, among other options. Plus, you can order one packed with the products of your choice during any season to dazzle the reciever. For the best florist NYC-style, take a look online.

Deliver a Great Surprise

Imagine walking into your home and expecting one present from your spouse, only to find a beautiful basket full of wonderful mementos that show love and appreciation. An unexpected gift basket is a sweet surprise for many people. A surprise gift basket is a very welcome gift whether given in private, or in front of a large crowd. Whether you plan to give the gift basket in person or have it delivered by mail, it will be a memorable moment.

Decorate a Room

Long after the recipient enjoys their premium gift basket and its contents, it can be used to spice up a home or apartment. Beautiful gift baskets can be turned into a colorful decorations for the living room or bedroom. A gift hamper can be used to organize clothing or store possessions. A small gift basket can also be transformed into a vibrant centerpiece in your residence.

The types of gifts that you can give are literally endless, but a gorgeous, custom gift basket is an excellent choice. There are few gifts that are acceptable for all age groups, but a gift basket or hamper is a great idea that works. Don’t hesitate to try something different this year when you give. If you are ready to please the special person in your life, you can bring a stunning gift basket to the next celebration.

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Plants that Symbolise Sympathy

Plants that Symbolise Sympathy
Photo by Hunter Desmarais on Unsplash

Loss is never easy. There is always some amount of regret and longing that has no way to be expressed now that they are gone. Fortunately, there are flowers. The right kind of flowers can express our feelings for the deceased and our sentiments towards the bereaved family.

Just make sure that the symbolism of the plant conveys the correct expression. Your choice should mirror the relationship you had with the person who has moved on.

If you are still unsure about your floral decision, here are tips about some plants that symbolise sympathy:

Lilies: The most preferred funeral flower of choice are lilies. They come in many colours but an occasion of sympathy demands the white lily. White lilies symbolise the innocence and purity of a soul and its transience. Occasions marked in the church always opt for lilies as they symbolise the radiance of soul and is closely associated with the Virgin Mary.

Peace Lily: Similar to lilies, this plant symbolises rebirth of the soul. The dark green leaves with white long-lasting flowers are almost perfect as a sympathy gesture. Potted plants of Peace Lily can be a remembrance token for bereaved families.

Orchids: White and pink orchids with their delicate stem and exquisite flowers symbolise that the love and friendship shared will last always. Their beauty and fragility are fitting expressions of farewell to a friend or partner.

Solidago (Goldenrod): This plant has a bright yellow energy that symbolises support during difficult times. Sympathy bouquets containing solidago convey encouragement and support that are a perfect gesture for the mourning.

Dahlia: These eye-catching flowers lend themselves to express sympathy beautifully. Red dahlias symbolise power and strength, showing a message of support to those in low points of life. Pink ones symbolise goodness, grace, and convey a message that a loved one is irreplaceable in your heart. The other colours of dahlia have strong meanings too but are not suitable for denoting sympathy.

Gladioli: They symbolise strong moral values and sincerity, making them a perfect choice for remembering peers and work associates. They come in different colours but they all have the same meaning that honours people with integrity. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Alstroemeria (Inca Lily): They celebrate an enduring friendship. It is said that its six petals symbolise— commitment, humour, empathy, patience, respect, and understanding. It is the perfect choice to remember close friends by.

Other than these, Hyacinths and Forget-Me-Nots are appropriate flowers that symbolise a deep longing while Magnolias symbolise perseverance. Then again, the tropical and bright Hibiscus symbolising quiet feminine strength and delicate beauty can be a sympathy marker for close and beloved female relations.

Sending Sympathy flowers and green plants that are used to symbolise rebirth, and spiritual themes like resurrection and immortality are always a heartfelt gesture. It is a beautiful way to honour the deceased and bring solace to the bereaved. Pick a flower that will describe your relation and say what’s in your heart for the final farewell.


Best Friend Gift Ideas and Inspiration

Buying a Gift for your Best Friend
Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

Buying a present for a female best friend can be tricky. You probably know her likes and dislikes inside out, and could spot her style from a mile away, but that doesn’t always help when it comes to buying a gift. You want something special but also practical that she’ll actually get some use out of, but the two don’t often intersect. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some ideas and inspiration of what to buy your best friend for a special occassion, or when you just want to remind her how much she means to you:

A Trip

What better gift to your best friend than the gift of quality time spent together? Okay, so a jaunt to New York may be out of your budget, but a day trip to London or your nearest city for lunch and some sightseeing (or shopping!) could be an amazing way to show your best how much she means to you. You could even book a hotel and make a whole weekend out of it, allowing you to really let your hair down.

Home Tech

Buying your friend some useful tech for her home is a great way to show her how much she means to you, but also how well you know her! Is she someone who always needs ice in her drink? How about buying her the best ice maker for her home so that she’ll always have fresh ice for her beverages?

Unique Jewellery

Going and buying your bestie some generic jewellery might be an easy option, but it won’t neccessarily be well received. However, if you opt for some unique jewellery with a design that suits her personality, it’s likely to be a gift that she will love and cherish forever.

An Experience

Kind of like a trip, but with a difference! Is your bestie a thrill seeker? Is there something she’s always wanted to do? Booking an experience day for her means that not only will you get to spend time with her, but you’ll get to watch her tick something off of her bucket list. A couple of years back, Husband booked me a zoo keeper experience to help care for raccoons and it was, hands down, the best gift I’ve ever received!

A Photo Book

If you have a whole bunch of picures of the two of you from over the years, a photo book could be an amazing way to memorialise your friendship. Spend just a few hours picking your favourites and using an online photobook maker and you’ll end up with a totally personalised gift which will bring back so many memories of happy times together.

Do you have any amazing ideas for showing your best friend how much she meas to you? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


How to Organise an Amusing Hen Party

hen partyOrganising a UK hen party offers the bride-to-be all the choices needed to celebrate any forthcoming wedding and loss of single status in style and with panache. Future brides don’t have to opt for their typical downtown clubbing hen night or night out ogling male strippers as there are so many interesting venues and activities across the UK that are far more appealing to any independent woman and her group of female friends.

Booking a weekend break away with the girls is one way to celebrate in style and it’s often difficult to choose between some of the most scenic countryside cottages or country house hotels or busy boutique hotels in some of the lively city centres of the United Kingdom. Building in some serious pampering sessions to any hen party is one way to create the sort of intimate bonding sessions many women enjoy, and it’s not essential to book spa breaks to do this. There’s nothing more enjoyable after a long day out with the girls than coming back to a cozy cottage with crackling log fire and spending time having massage, facial, nail or pedicure services at home. Chilled wine and great music or films will make this pamper session a special event for any woman. 

Some women may wish to opt for group arts or crafting activities to celebrate their UK hen parties. It’s easy to find painting or drawing masterclasses in various parts of the UK, crafting activities like chocolate making, cake decorating, candle making, pottery classes or card making can all be booked for small groups and joint activities are a great way for diverse parties of women to interact with each other and build new rapport and friendships.

More active brides-to-be can consider the benefits of sporting weekends away or days out participating in some of the more challenging sports activities like surfing, rock climbing or sailing. A day out at a venue such as Go Ape, can be one way for a group of friends and acquaintances to enjoy a thrilling time out while challenging their bodies to the extreme. Alternatively, thrill seekers may well have a great day out at one of the UK’s brilliant theme parks.

Of course, in our modern era a woman’s hen party is not her final opportunity to spend quality time with the girls, but it is somehow different once the marriage has taken place. Girls that want to make their UK hen parties really special events will put as much time and thought into the hen party as they do for the wedding day itself. It’s impossible to cater to the likes and interests of every friend that’s likely to attend the hen party, so opting for a celebration that’s of real interest or concern to the future bride or creating a party centred around some weird, wonderful or zany event or activity is one way to ensure a great time out is enjoyed by all.

Off Limits Hen Weekends are UK events professionals and have decades of experience in designing the best hen weekends, hen nights and hen days out, with the most inspiring activities and exciting entertainments at venues around the UK. Anybody wanting to hostess the most memorable hen events in the UK will find the suggestions and programmes designed by Off Limits Hen take all the stress out of planning this major event, leaving the bride free to enjoy her day or weekend of pleasure with the girls. 

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Ladies What Lunch – How Groupon Helped Two Mummies to Feel Yummy Again.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Groupon asking if I wanted to review their service and being the affable gal that I am, I said “ooh, yes please!”. They offered me an amount to spend on the site and off I went to look for a product or experience that I’d like to try. I browsed for a while before happening upon a spa experience for two that was in my local area. Trouble was, it was more expensive than the amount that Groupon had offered, so I went back and told them and they said “That’s fine!”, which was a lovely thing for them to do! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of a spa day than my best friend, Jamillah, who as well as starting her new blog, Bare Beginnings this week, is a mum to three boys of three and under (who are just the scrummiest creatures) is studying for a degree and starting her own business!

The whole process was seriously simple. Groupon emailed me a voucher code, I went onto the site, purchased the deal I wanted with the voucher and waited for an email. Once the email arrived, I called the spa, set up the appointment and that was it! I didn’t even need to print the voucher off as I have the Groupon App on my iPhone, which shows ‘Your Groupons’ and allows you to extract the codes you need to give to the participating retailer.

This is actually the second time I’ve used Groupon, the first was a voucher that Husband bought for me for a massively reduced cut and colour at a local salon and I have to say, in terms of savings these vouchers work out really well. This package for the spa should have cost £170 but we got it for £46, which I think works out at 74% off. The vouchers would make a brilliant gift for Christmas as you could even book the appointment for the person and then just present them with an appointment card for their treatment.

The spa we chose is called Destination and is in the heart of Leigh Broadway, which is full of shops, cafes, bistros and bars, so there’s plenty of places in the close vicinity to make a real day of it. We handed in our coats and shoes and were given some cosy slippers to don, then walked through to the waiting area where we were sat down in comfy recliners with low lighting and gentle music while we filled in our treatment cards.

The treatment room itself, which we were then led through to, was beautiful; the ceiling was draped with purple fabric and the carpet was about a mile deep. There was a small fireplace which kept the room really toasty and even the treatment stations were in keeping with the relaxing atmosphere of the room, which earthy wooden bowls and interesting-looking brushes! We laid down and waited for the treatment to begin.

 Our therapists came in and started the treatments, a facial and massage, and both Jamillah and I were virgins on that front before this day. It’s hard to know what to say here without using the words ‘rubbing’, ‘oils’ and ‘OH MY WOW!’ but basically, the most relaxing 45 minutes of our lives ensued. One thing we both commented on was that the music in the rooms wasn’t your usual wishy-washy whale song type thing which just starts to sound awful after a while. It was calm and relaxing but in a contemporary kind of way and there was something a but autumnal about it too which was very nice.

Once our time was up, it took us both a while to come back into the land of the living – I don’t think I’ve ever actually been that relaxed before without being asleep and the feeling was just incredible. The oils smelled so rich and delightful and my skin looked better than it has in years. In fact, it still looks pretty good, a few weeks on.

All in all, I think I can recommend both Groupon and Destination wholeheartedly. Jamillah and I have vowed that we’re going to make a more regular thing of taking the time to pamper ourselves so we’ll be keeping a close eye on all of the Groupon deals on offer in the future. Being able to spend time with my best friend in a truly relaxing environment like that was a true gift and I can’t thank Groupon enough for the opportunity to do it.


We were given a £50 voucher to spend on Groupon for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own and it no way influenced by any products or services offered.