Five Gifts For the Different People in Your Life

Five Gifts For the Different People in Your Life

Whether you’ve already started the Christmas shopping or simply want to do some gift buying for birthdays between now and then, this time of year is definitely all about treating your loved ones. I have a few people in my family who are NEVER easy to buy for, which means I spend quite a lot of time looking at new and interesting things that I can get them for special occasions, and I thought I’d share some of my ideas with you today:

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How to Raise Confident Kids

How to Raise Confident Kids
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When it comes to raising children, there are certain worries that seem universal, no matter your background. Will they get on okay at school? Will they get a good job? Will they have a happy relationship? – these are just a few things that cross parents minds as their kids grow up, but a lot of those questions come down to one thing – confidence. Kids who are confident tend to fare better in all aspects of life, and there are lots of things that we, as parents, can do to encourage confidence. Here are a few of them:

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What Can Be Done to Tackle Child Trafficking?

Child Trafficking
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Child trafficking is one of the most concerning global issues. Every year, millions of children are stolen and entered into trafficking rings across the world, leaving their families worried, fearful, and confused.

Although it’s a huge issue that can’t be resolved overnight, taking action today can help to tackle child trafficking a day at a time. We can all come together to catch child trafficking rings and save the lives of millions of innocent children.

We’re going to cover some of the amazing things that you can do to help put a stop to child trafficking later in this article. First, let’s cover how you can spot the signs that a child is being trafficked.

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Leicester – A City for Families

Five Reasons Why Leicester is Great for Families
Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every now and again, Husband and I get a bit of wanderlust when it comes to where we live and we start to look at other places in the country which would be more suited to us than the South East. As it stands, our first choice would probably be Liverpool, but recently we’ve been reading about Leicester and all of the ways in which it’s a great place to raise a family. With this in mind, i thought I’d share some of those with you today:

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