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When Was the Last Time You Had Great Customer Service? #Telephone101

When I’ve had poor customer services from a company in the past, I’m always the first to complain or send tweets to the company to let them know, but sometimes it’s refreshing to hear examples of how a company has got their customer service totally right. recently conducted a survey regarding customer service and created an infographic for us to share with you today:

I thought I’d ask my blogging friends for some examples of good customer service they’d received, and here’s what they said:

Penny from Parentshaped said “Flew home from Pisa with BA on Monday. There was a delay so the pilot came out and chatted to everyone, invited kids into the cockpit. He was so charming and apologetic and genuinely interested in people’s journeys and the impact of the delay. He also let us cram 13 travel bloggers into the cockpit for a selfie and bought birthday champagne for one of our group.”

Ruth at DorkyMum said “When we were moving here I lost an iPad at Dubai airport and even when Emirates were useless, someone with the baggage handlers Toll Dnata (someone who was actually based in Melbourne!) managed to track it down for me and get it couriered to Tasmania.”

Cass from Frugal Family has such a good experience with Tesco, who helped her elderly father, that she blogged about it and the CEO shared it with the whole company. You can read about it here.

When Helen from Kiddy Charts lost her purse on a Virgin Train, she never expected them to go so far above and beyond to help her find it. You can read all about her experience here.

Emma at Mum’s Savvy Savings says I always find Amazon to be great when things go wrong. Items have been resent or refunded quickly”

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny said “Sky were really good with me earlier this week, despite me cancelling down my monthly contract to £20 rather than £77 we were paying. My middle son somehow managed to download Paddington 2 and we were charged £5.49. A chat over Twitter soon sorted it out and they refunded the £5.49.”

Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy has a great experience with Tiffany and Co which you can read about here.

Charli from One Wage Family says We had a good experience with AO – Our fridge freezer broke a week after we bought it so we rang The manufacturer Beko and they were useless. They were going to fix it but didn’t have the right part so they wanted us to wait until it was in stock. Wasn’t happy so we tried ringing ao where we bought it from and they were really helpful and ordered us a brand new one delivered and installed the next day”

Faith at Much More With Less has a great experience with Hotel Chocolate. She said “Before Christmas, I signed up for a cut price trial subscription, but forgot to cancel in time, so they sent me the next full price box and charged me for it. Kicking myself, I rang to cancel. Customer services not only refunded the £22.95, but said I didn’t have to return the unopened box, but could give it to the charity of my choice. So I was able to add a nice box of chocs to my donation to our local foodbank, FIND in Ipswich.”

Clare from My Tunbridge Wells said “Wicked Uncle were great when I dealt with them. They sent out a missing part of the meccano set we had received the next day along with some chocolate as an apology!”

When was the last time you had great customer service?