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The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

img_category3Yesterday, I went to London for a Google Mums event, which meant dropping Sausage off at school, heading straight for the station, jumping on a train, various tubes, walking around in several circles while I looked for the right building an then doing it all again in reverse and getting home in time to collect Sausage from school again. Once I got home, we realised that we didn’t have anything in for tea, so the three of us hopped into the car and went straight to the supermarket for a quick shop (which turned into the inevitable full trolley, hour-long jaunt).

By the time I got my out of my shoes, I realised that I’d been wearing them for over 10 hours and my feet were killing me. The combination of being pregnant and on my feet all day long, meant that my feet were seriously suffering. I’m not sure that I want to replace all of my shoes and boots, so I started looking at theĀ benefits of orthotic insoles. Insoles could provide me with a budget-friendly solution to uncomfortable shoes, which is pretty important given that having a baby can be so expensive! The other benefit is that orthotics actually help to adjust your gait and posture, which will be really important for me as I get bigger, especially as I’m contending with SPD as well.

Womens Vionic shoes are another option if I want to go for a properly constructed shoe to help with comfort and posture and there are some great options out there, both smart and casual for any occasion. They’re all designed by a podiatrist, which means that you can trust them to be seriously kind to your feet and the retro bowling-shoe style casual pumps would look great with jeans or combats.

Now, excuse me while I go and dream about comfortable shoes!