5 Expert Tips for Helping Your Child Ace Their College Years

5 Expert Tips for Helping Your Child Ace Their College Years

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Preparing to go to college is one of the most exciting times of your kid’s life.

They’re reaching the end of their teenage years (where did the time go?!) and they’re ready to spread their wings and fly. As exciting as it is, it can also be daunting and fraught with anxiety-inducing challenges.

Life after high school is a major transition, and college gives them more freedom than they have ever had.

Before your sweet baby goes into a state of sheer terror and panic, help them by following these five tips below:

Teach Them Life Skills

College isn’t just about getting a tertiary education and going to the occasional (ahem) party. It’s about getting prepared for adult life and functioning without Mommy. Give your child the life experience they need by teaching them to cook in the months leading up to their departure.

Show them how to use the washing machine and give them budgeting tips – they’ll need all of those skills in college, even if their diet is probably going to be mostly ramen noodles.

Ensure They Properly Track Deadlines

Since millions of high school students apply to colleges every year, those institutions have had to implement deadlines for the application process. Some of those deadlines are entirely non-negotiable, which means that if your child misses those dates, there could be drastic consequences!

Even though it seems like just yesterday you were teaching them how to be safe online, the years have flown by and it is almost time for college.

Help them to keep track of their time during the months leading up to the application deadlines. Get your teenager a colorful calendar and ensure they don’t rely on tech alone.

Consult The Professionals

Instead of wondering how you can help your child prepare for college, consult Going Ivy for a personalized plan. Ivy League colleges are notoriously hard to get into because they are some of the most exclusive institutions in the world.

Don’t leave your kid in the dark; these places can afford to be as picky as they like – your child probably doesn’t have that same upper hand.

Discuss Social Needs

Your child’s college years will hopefully be some of the best years of their life.

Help make those years a positive experience by teaching them how to manage their time, stay social without partying too much, and, most importantly – be safe on campus.

Encourage them to meet new people when they arrive. One way of doing that is for them to join volunteering clubs and academic organizations. Some of those activities are designed to be fun and for the mental well-being of their members.

Plan A Timeline

Although it is better to begin the aspects of preparing for college as soon as your child starts high school, it is never too late to try. Their college timeline will depend on their personality, those moms who are blessed with more responsible kids will stay on top of things by themselves – generally.

To End

As challenging as these next few years will be on you as a parent, your child needs you to stay calm and collected so that they stay calm and collected. Hold it together, Mom – you’ve got this!

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