How Do I Know Which Candle Wicks Work for My Homemade Candle?

Learning how to make candles is a fun journey to be on. It can open a new avenue of the art world you didn’t know existed. Being able to create your own candles gives you the freedom to craft a candle that fits you personally. Which can add the right amount of cozy ambiance and scents that will make you feel right at home. Which is something store-bought candles can quite do. An important piece of any candle is the wooden wick in the middle. Though it seems easy to figure out, there are many different types of candle-making wooden wicks to choose from. Which can be overwhelming, but the variety is meant to let you find the wick that works best for your candle.

The Importance of the Wick

The wick has an important role within the structure of the candle. It achieves the specific burn that you want your candle to have. It helps to melt the wax that you added and releases the fragrance for you to enjoy. You don’t want to choose a wick randomly, it’s important to find the one that fits your candle. If you choose the wrong one the wick might struggle to burn the wax efficiently and create a dim flame. On the flip side, if you choose one that’s too thick then it might burn up too much of your wax. Creating a big flame that produces too much soot and smoke giving you a useless candle. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Wick

As you set out to choose the right wick for your homemade candles, several factors come into play. These factors help you decide which wick works best for your specific candle. You don’t want to assume that any wick will work. Choosing the wrong one could risk ruining your hard work. The right wick is out there for you, you must know what you’re looking for.

Candle Size and Diameter:

The size of your candle vessel is a critical consideration. Larger candles necessitate wicks with a higher heat output to ensure proper wax melting and fragrance dispersion. On the other hand, smaller candles benefit from wicks that generate less heat to prevent overheating and uneven burning. You don’t want your wax to go to waste. Make sure to choose the wick that will burn just the right amount. 

Wax Type:

The type of wax you’re using also influences wick selection. Depending on which wax you get, they have different melting points and compositions. You don’t want to get a wick that burns quickly if you don’t know what wax you have. Whether you’re working with beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, or coconut wax, it’s imperative to match the wick type to the wax for optimal burning performance. That way you can enjoy the scent rather than be annoyed by a melted candle. 

Fragrance and Additives:

Incorporating fragrance oils or additives into your candles is a common practice to enhance the sensory experience. Adding your favorite fragrance is the best part of a candle. However, this factor can impact the wick’s choice. Certain fragrances might require a wick with a higher heat output to effectively disperse the scent and achieve the desired fragrance throw. So, make sure to investigate what fragrance you want to add and see which wick works best with that scent. 

Desired Burn Time:

Another factor that guides your wick decision is the burn time you’re aiming for. Longer burn times call for thicker wicks, while shorter burn times are better suited for thinner wicks. If want to have a longer burn to your candle, then you’ll need a thicker wick. The thinner the wick is, the shorter the burn times are. It’s important to choose a wick that works for how long you want to burn it. That way you can enjoy your candle without stressing about burning it too much or for too long. 

The Appeal of Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks have proven to be the popular choice for newer candles. What sets wooden wicks apart is their unique aesthetic and performance advantages. The crackling sound they produce while burning evokes the cozy ambiance of a fireplace. Which can make anyone feel cozy in their home. It’s nice to have a candle that reminds you of a nice fire on a camping trip. This is why these types of wicks are the top choice. If you’re going to make a candle it only makes sense to create an experience to help you achieve maximum comfort. 


The wick you choose plays a huge role in the performance and look of your candles. You want to make sure you are choosing a wick that can handle the size it’ll be placed in and the type of wax. Pay attention to the burn times of your favorite candle and try to match that by choosing the thickness of your wick. There are different types to experiment with so it’s okay if you don’t choose the right one. Everything is a learning experience so pay attention to these details. Learning is the best part of candle making and learning about the different wooden wicks you have at your disposal can make all the difference.

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