How To Save Enough Money for Your Next Home Maintenance Project

Regular home maintenance is the only way homeowners canexpand the lifespan of their homes, ensure safety and preserve their property’s value. In addition, it is a way to prevent costly home repairs as it helps to fix small issues before they develop into major ones. Experts recommend that homeowners undertake home maintenance before and after every season.

However, such projects depending on the scope of work can be very expensive. Even though there are several DIY home maintenance projects you can do, you cannot do everything by yourself. Projects like roof repair require professionals like Piedmont Roofing to care for your roof needs. As a roofing expert puts it “When it comes to Frederick County roof repair, Piedmont Roofing is the surest bet for homeowners in and around Virginia.”

Many other home maintenance projects require heavy investment. Averagely, homeowners spend around $4000 each year on maintenance work. So, how can homeowners be financially prepared for their quarterly or yearly home maintenance? Here are some effective ways to save enough for the next project. 

Checklist for your next home maintenance

Don’t wait for your home to deteriorate before having expensive repairs. And there are areas you should always pay critical attention to ensure they are in good shape. As you plan your next maintenance project, here are areas and systems to give attention to.

HVAC System

The heating ventilation and air conditioning system ensures quality air circulation for a comfortable home environment. As such, you should always ensure proper maintenance to avoid a breakdown.

Plumbing system

A leaky plumbing system poses a great danger to your home. If not repaired on time, it gradually weakens the structure, createscracks, dampness, and molds, and even comes with health complications. There are must-know plumbing tips homeowners can use to check potential water leaks. 


The roof is one of the most important components of a house. Just like the plumbing system, a leaky roof can deteriorate yourproperty. It causes molds, decolonization of the walls andceilings, and weakens the building.

Electrical system 

An electrical fault can turn your home into ashes in less than an hour. Exposed wires, faulty electrical fixtures, power surges, etc., can all cause fire outbreaks. So, you need to always pay special attention to the electrical system.

Other areas to be on your maintenance checklist include the foundation, septic tank, home appliances, and landscape.

How to budget and save for your next home maintenance 

With the huge amount of money mostly needed for home maintenance, homeowners must have a budget and intentionallysave towards the projects. There should be enough money specifically set aside for it. This helps you to avoid borrowing for your maintenance. Below are ways to do that.

To make a budget, you must:

Access your maintenance needs

To have a budget for your maintenance project and save accordingly, thoroughly access your maintenance needs. Take a home tour and identify areas, components, and systems begging for attention. The above checklist gives you an idea of areas to pay attention to. 

Consider the extent of damages 

The extent of damages determines the amount of work that would go into your project. It also determines the type and amount of material needed and the labor required. All thesemust be factored into the maintenance cost.

Have an estimate 

Your home’s value can determine how much you can budget for your next home maintenance. According to a financial and real estate expert, it is advisable to save about 1% to 5% of your home’s value for your maintenance. 

Factors including the age of the home, location, and extent of maintenance needed will determine the percentage to save. The larger the scope of work, the higher percentage you need to save. So, 1% on a $250,000 home is $2,500 while 5% is $12,500. 

Another way to have a reliable estimate is to do physical maintenance assessments and budgeting. That is, you have a maintenance checklist, and place a price tag on each projectaccording to the extent of damage and level of repair needed. You sum these up and you can have a reliable estimate for your budget. 

How to Save for the maintenance 

Have a dedicated account

Now that you have an estimate for the upcoming maintenance project, it’s time to save for it. It is recommended to have a dedicated account for maintenance. Don’t add your maintenance money to your emergency funds. Having an account specifically meant for home maintenance helps you to track your progress. It motivates you to save more to meet your budget target and maintenance schedule. 

Automate your savings

Automating your savings makes saving towards your maintenance easier. Since deductions are made from a source, ithelps you to be consistent with your savings. The temptation of not saving is also avoided. 

Cut unnecessary expenses 

To save enough and consistently without it affecting your finances, cut all your unnecessary expenses. Reduce all non-essential purchases and channel those monies to your maintenance savings. 


Knowing your maintenance needs and saving adequately towards it can save you from always postponing your home maintenance project. To budget well, know your maintenance needs and check the extent of damages and the level of maintenance needed. Now set a budget using estimates from the above matrixes or just set aside 1% to 5% of your home value for the project. The percentage you set aside should correspond to the proposed maintenance or repair work.

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