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Tips On Dealing With Your Child’s First Residential Trip 

Tips On Dealing With Your Child's First Residential Trip 

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As your child gets older, they’re probably going to get the opportunity to go on a residential trip with their school. Whether it’s for a single night or a few more, it’s going to bring up some emotions for you both. 

Excitement, worry and sometimes even a little sadness are common feelings to experience. To try and make this experience as positive as possible, there are a number of practical things you can do. 

Get An Itinerary 

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be a little worried while they are gone on their first educational travel experience. . A good way to deal with this is to get a full itinerary from the school so you know where they’ll be staying and what they’ll be doing at any point. Also, get a list of emergency numbers for the teachers and the place where they will be staying. 

Talk About The Trip Often

Once it’s confirmed that they are going on the trip, try to talk about it in conversation often. Chat about how exciting it is, and what they’re going to be doing when they are there. 

This can serve two purposes. Firstly, a lot of kids can feel overwhelmed if they feel something has suddenly happened, without them being prepared for it. It can also help you come to terms with it too as you might be a little nervous about them going. 

Talking about it in advance will also give your child the opportunity to discuss anything that might be worrying them about the trip. Usually, it will be something that you can deal with at home. If you think it’s going to be a bigger issue, then you can talk to your child’s teacher ahead of the trip so they can pay extra attention. 

Send Some Activities To Keep Them Amused

A bored kid is an unhappy kid. Pack a few items you know will keep them amused while they are away. This could be a book or some games. Ask the teacher what types of things they are allowed to take with them. 

Don’t Pack Anything You Need Back

There are two things that most kids aren’t very good at and that’s keeping track of things, and packing. It will be a minor miracle if your child comes back with everything you packed for them. This being the case, don’t pack anything that you cannot replace easily. So if it’s expensive or has sentimental value, then keep it at home. 

Enjoy It

Once they’re packed and off on their trip, worrying or feeling sad won’t get you anywhere. Why not try to enjoy the time you have? If you have other kids, you can spend some one-on-one time with them. If you don’t then take advantage of the freedom you have for the next few days. Who knows the next time you’ll get some time to yourself or with your partner. 


The first school residential trip is a rite of passage for most kids, but everyone deals with it differently. The memories and skills your child makes on their trip they will remember for a long time. 

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