Five Reasons to Use a House Clearance Service

Five Reasons to Use a House Clearance Service
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There are many reasons for needing a house cleared, from the end of a tenancy where the tenants haven’t cleared all of their items away to dealing with the belongings of a loved one after a bereavement. Whatever the reason, it can be tempting to try to tackle the clearance yourself, instead of hiring a professional service to do the work. This may seem like a way to save money, but there are actually many more reasons for hiring a service. Here are five of them:


Whether you have an entire house to clear and move or some accumulated clutter that just needs to be gone, a professional service such as Abacus House Clearance Services will do a good job for you. All your unwanted clutter is taken care of quickly, efficiently and importantly – disposed of responsibly. Most house clearance services will do their best to avoid sending too much to landfill, instead recycling and repurposing where possible. 

Emotional Load

Clearing the house of a loved one once they’ve passed can be an emotionally gruelling experience. Many people also deal with feelings of guilt and struggle to let go of even the tiniest items because of the connection to their family member. Allowing a professional house clearance service to do the job means that you can extract your valuables and keepsakes and allow them to sensitively take care of the rest. 


Some people will actually use a house clearance service to help them to take care of the property in which they’re currently living. Decluttering your living space is beneficial to both your physical and mental wellbeing and can make a huge difference to your living conditions. It’s estimated that getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home, while a survey of over 4000 brits in 2017 – 61% of households in the UK argue about clutter at least once a month with over a third arguing every single week!

Less Damage

You’d be surprised how much damage you can do by moving a large, heavy item like a fridge freezer without the proper equipment or experience. From chunks taken out of walls to dented appliances and even injuries to your back, taking the chance and doing it yourself could be a costly mistake. Professionals will have equipment for lifting heavy goods, and in the unlikely event that something does get damaged, they have insurance to cover the loss. 

They’ll Do The Packing!

Most professionals also offer a packaging service where they pack up your possessions properly or provide you with quality packaging material. The service providers who offer a packaging service are well equipped with boxes, tapes and other necessary equipment to pack items properly. Everything is packed in an organised manner and insured during transportation. This later ensures quick and efficient unloading and unpacking.

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