Top Five Beauty Myths

Top Five Beauty Myths

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As you may already know, as well as blogging here at Mums the Word, I also write several weekly blog posts for a beauty salon and their associated shop. I’ve been writing beauty content for seven years now, which means that I’ve picked up quite a lot of knowledge in that time and I’ve also learned a lot about what is true and what isn’t. There are SO MANY beauty myths out there, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today:

Cutting Your Hair Regularly Will Help it Grow

If you’ve been scheduling your hair appointments every six weeks in the hope of longer, more voluminous hair, then you’re victim to one of the most common beauty myths on the block. The reality is; your hair doesn’t register when you cut it. Hair growth begins at the follicle, so to boost growth you need to treat your scalp, not the ends. It may look and feel healthier – regular trims combat breakage and split ends that make your hair look dull and damaged – but sadly, it will not enhance growth.

Oily Skin Does Not Need Moisturisation

False false false! Oily skin needs equal care and moisturisation as dry, normal, and other skin types. Harsh cleansers or products often strip off your natural moisture and your skin overcompensates by producing excess oil. So, it becomes important to apply a light, water-based moisturiser to balance the oil production. Choose a moisturiser that has hyaluronic acid to lock the moisture into your skin. If you need help with which products to use, find an Award Winning Beauty Salon in Milton Keynes to give you some advice. 

Wearing Makeup Daily Is Bad For Your Skin

It’s good to skip a day of makeup every once in a while—if nothing else but to save time—but, there’s no basis that makeup is inherently bad for your skin. What actually causes skin issues is when you forget to take your makeup off or use faulty methods. (Not that any of us have ever been guilty of this.)

Plucking Grey Hair Will Make More Grow

Ah, the old wives’ tale that just won’t die. When you tweeze a hair, you’re only affecting the follicle that contains it – not the ones surrounding it. Sure, a grey hair might grow back to replace the one you just removed, but that’s it.

We Can Shrink Our Pores

If you think that it is possible to shrink pore size, then you are wrong. Our pores are mostly decided by our genes. However, proper care can keep the size of the pores under control. Also, when we steam our face, our pores do not open. The process simply removes blackheads and excess sebum. This, in turn, can make the pores appear smaller.

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