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Five Smart Ways to Future-Proof Your Home

Five Smart Ways to Future-Proof Your Home
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In the past, upgrading your home would have included new windows or an extension of some sort. These days, however, upgrading your home can take a far more techy turn and more than ever, people are looking for these features when buying a new property. Today, I’m sharing just some of the tech-based upgrades to future-proof your home which are definitely worth the investment, and can usually be easily handled by an electrician near you:

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

While most new homes are now required to have a charging port for an electric vehicle, older homes aren’t quite there yet. You can, however, have an electric vehicle charging station retrofitted to your home by an EV charger installer. Even if you don’t yet have an electric vehicle, it’s a great way to future-proof your home and potentially add value if you plan to sell at some point. 

Smart Switches

Home tech has gone “smart” in many different ways, but one of the most cost-effective ways to get on board is with smart switches. These can replace your light switches or power outlets and allow you to control your home electrics from a smartphone or tablet. They don’t cost a huge amount to install and give you greater control over your family’s power usage, which can save you money in the long run. Here is also a complete guide to setting up a smart home.

Cat-5 Wiring

While lots of devices are wireless-enabled these days, you still need routers to serve and wi-fi around your home. Having cat-5 cable hardwired into your home along with the electrics can help you to serve MUCH faster internet speeds around your property without having to route unsightly cables everywhere, causing trip-hazards and will definitely be a future-proof upgrade. 

Solar Panels

Another thing that many new properties offer is the option to have solar panels installed, and it’s something that owners of older properties are also leaning towards. Aside from giving you a way to harness the sun’s energy and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, it also protects you from rising energy prices as you’ll have access to your own. It’s also estimated that solar panels add around 4.1% to a home’s value, which means you could make tens of thousands of pounds when it comes to selling up.

Biomass Boilers

If you’re due a new boiler, you should consider having a biomass boiler installed. Biomass boilers are fuelled by wood pellets which are completely carbon neutral, sustainable and eco-friendly. They’re a tad more expensive to run, although that expense is becoming more nominal with rising energy prices. The real beauty of biomass boilers, however, is that the UK Government has a scheme which will actually PAY YOU to use one!

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