Neglecting Your Gutters Will Cost You More Money – Here’s Why

Neglecting Your Gutters Will Cost You More Money - Here's Why

If you think gutter maintenance is just an additional and unnecessary expense, you might want to think again. Below are some of the things that can happen, which are actually more costly than gutter maintenance itself:

Your home’s structural integrity will be compromised

There’s no doubt that water is the archenemy of all houses. Most problems in the house are often caused by water leaks from the roof and ceiling or water overflowing from the gutters.

And one of the culprits to blame for all of these are unmaintained gutters. Here’s what happens if you don’t clean your gutters regularly.

1. Leaves, debris, and dirt will get stuck in your gutters

2. When the rain comes, the water pools inside the gutter

3. The water then seeps into every little crack it can find in your roofing, shingles, soffit, and fascia boards, Which will eventually deteriorate as well.

4. Or the water will overflow from the gutters and damage the nearby walls and will eventually soften up your home’s foundation. This will ultimately result in structural damage.

The cost of all the damages mentioned above will certainly cut deep through your pocket. But if you don’t want these to happen, just be sure to maintain your gutters regularly.

Pest infestation poses a lot of health risks

Dirty and clogged up gutters may not look inviting to the human eye, but they’re certainly eye candy for insects and pests.

Organisms feed off of the organic materials that are stuck in the gutters, making them not only the perfect home but also the perfect breeding ground.

Below are only some of the pesky pests that you often find lurking in your gutters:

  • Roaches
  • Termites
  • Critters
  • Carpenter ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rats
  • Sometimes even worms!

These pests will not only cost you a lot of money for pest extraction, but they can also cause a lot of diseases. Hospitalization fees, as you already know, is no joke.

Take mosquitoes, for example, they can cause malaria and dengue. Rats can also ravage your pantry, destroy your food, and bring diseases into your home.

If not extracted immediately, these pests can build a colony in your gutters cause further damage. To prevent that, you should maintain your gutters regularly.

Overflowing gutters will damage your landscaping

Another unnecessary expense that unmaintained gutters can bring is the deterioration of your landscaping.

If you have gorgeous plants planted right below your gutters, it’s only paramount that you prevent overflowing of the gutters. If not, the overflowing water can soften up the soil underneath it and destroy your plants and the entire landscaping.

That’s why it’s only necessary that you always clean your gutters. It’s also important that you install gutter guards onto your gutter to prevent the leaves and other debris from getting stuck inside your gutters.

Gutter guards also help you minimise the cleaning that you’ll need since most of the dirt is already filtered out.

Replacement of the entire gutter system

If you neglect your gutters for a long time, there’s a great chance that they will deteriorate and fall off. Rusting, dirt build-up, clogging, sagging, and water pooling are inevitable.

That’s when you’ll realize that you have to replace the entire gutter system. When it’s already too late. Gutter replacement is not cheap, by the way.

Replacing your Sydney gutters can cost you a lot of money, from the type and length of materials to labour fees, to additional replacement parts and accessories.

But, if you maintain your gutters regularly or hire gutter cleaning experts to do it, you’ll save a ton of money!

Trust us, gutter maintenance will not only save you cash, but it will also save you from headaches, trouble, and hassle.

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