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Why Wait til Retirement to Live Your Dream Life?

Why Wait til Retirement to Live Your Dream Life?
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I’ve written before about my Nan and Grandad on my Dad’s side, who lived and worked in London and Essex for most of their lives and then moved to Lowestoft to enjoy their retirement by the seaside. They both worked hard their whole lives to enjoy a little slice of the quiet life in their old age, but if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that life can be short and we should be embracing everything we can while we still can.

Many people now work from home, which means they have the flexibility to live pretty much anywhere and not have to change jobs, so I thought I’d give you a few reasons for taking the plunge and moving to your dream location without having to wait until your retirement.

Work/Life Balance

If you live in a place that you truly love, it can be much easier to find a work/life balance, especially if you work from home. The beauty of having your favourite place right on your doorstep means that you’re in the thick of it and can spend time enjoying your location as soon as you finish work. Unlike people who wait until retirement, you’ll be able to spend time in the places you love while you’re still young and able-bodied enough to take full advantage.


One of the best things about working from home is that you can earn a decent wage at potentially London levels but live in a location which has a much cheaper cost of living. Even if you need to occasionally commute into the city, transport links are now much faster and more efficient, meaning that you can live pretty far North or West and still get into London in a couple of hours or less. There is a Darlington Removals Company that is a great option if you plan to move North and want a professional moving company to assist you.


Husband and I have a running joke that he and I are actually, culturally speaking, scousers. Aside from supporting LFC, we’re both very left-leaning, which means living in a Tory enclave as we do doesn’t always make us feel at home, whereas the largely socialist Liverpool would be somewhere we’d feel very at home. If there’s a place which is much more your speed, in terms of culture, why spend all of your time wishing you were there? Looking for a better gay scene? Make the move. Want to feel more politically at home? MAKE THE MOVE!

Quality of Life

At the end of the day, why spend the majority of your life looking forward to something when you can make a few small changes now which will give you the quality of life that you want? We’re all programmed to believe that hard toil is the only way to live, but this really isn’t always the case. There are so many jobs which can now be done from home, so do some research and see if a virtual career is within your grasp.

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