The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden

Camden is a popular London district where many people like going to as there are a lot of options. Either you want to enjoy your cup of tea at a peaceful coffee shop or you want to do something fun, Camden is the place to go.

In a big city like London, discovering places that match your tastes and you can visit again and again may be difficult. This is why you will find some of the most interesting and fascinating venues in Camden in this article in the hope that you will find your next favourite spot.


Camden has got a rich music history. During the 70s, 80s and 90s, a lot of famous singers and bands, like Amy Whinehouse, the Cure and the Sex Pistols, started their careers by performing at music venues in Camden. Visit iconic venues that host live music of the genre you like and you might get to enjoy an artist at his early steps before they blow up. Some of the most popular venues are KOKO, Jazz Cafe, the Dublin Castle, Dingwalls and many more.


Roundhouse is one of the most famous venues of the area as it was built in around 1850. It started as a railway turntable, but then it became a warehouse for a few years. Then, it was left misused until it was renovated and turned into a theatre. Nowadays, it has a more general title of being a performing arts venue since a great variety of shows take place there, like plays, concerts, award ceremonies and so on.

Mini Golf

Besides the arts, you can find fun options for you and your friends while you are in Camden. One of these fun options is playing mini golf. The crazy golf in Camden has been rebuilt recently and it awaits you to test your golfing abilities at a challenging but extremely fun course. A combination of classic and new obstacles will offer you an exciting game that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Camden Market

If you find yourself in Camden, you must visit its market. Camden Market is famous all around London and all over the world because there are many stalls where you can find anything your heart desires; from luxury items to street food. Some shops and stalls are there permanently, but most people visit the market at the weekends.

London Zoo

At the border between Camden and the city of Westminster you will find the ZSL London Zoo, which was built for scientific purposes but ended up as an ordinary zoo with a great variety of animals living there. If you visit the zoo today, you will see reptiles, insects, fish and larger animals, like lions and elephants.

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