5 Accessibility Fixtures Which Still Look Great

5 Accessibility Fixtures Which Still Look Great
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If you have mobility issues and need to adjust your home to make your life easier, it’s a common worry that these accessibility fixtures and fittings will detract from the overall look of your property. There are however some accessibility improvements that you can make to your home which will aid your day-to-day movement and still make your property look high-end and well designed. Here are five examples of things that you can add to your property while still making it all look great.

Platform Lifts

There is a tendency for aftermarket lifts in houses to look clunky and incongruous, and most people don’t like to have a constant reminder of the fact that they need help with their mobility.

There are however lots of platform lifts which can be installed in houses which look as though they were designed to be there in the first place, and look sleek and high end.


When we think of handrails which are placed in properties to aid movement, we often think of the clunky white handrails that you would see around a hospital or care home. This doesn’t need to be the case as there are many handrail options out there which are made from materials which blend much better with the design aesthetic of your home. Take a look around the internet to help you find something which looks less mobility related and more like a design feature.


If you use a wheelchair to get around, having ramps installed in your home will make your life a hell of a lot easier. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to have obvious and unattractive structures attached to the outside or the inside of your home to improve your accessibility. If you find the right carpenter or craftsman they can often add ramps to your property which don’t even look like ramps and will act more like undulations in your flooring.


As with the other items in this list, accessible bathrooms no longer need to look like something you find in a care home. There are many different options out there for wet rooms, walk-in baths and showers and low-level sinks which will look just as good as a bathroom for the able-bodied. A skilled bathroom fitter will be able to add these features to your bathroom without making them look out of place.


Making a kitchen accessible for a person with mobility issues doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Often it’s just a case of taking eye level units and worktops and making them lower so that you can get into them without needing to be standing up. A good kitchen designer will have the skill to create a kitchen which looks beautiful but is completely functional.

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