The Best Tips to Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage

The Best Tips to Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage
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Your garage is one of the most practical and adaptable house areas. However, it is home to various bugs and pests. During the summer, insects look for a cooler place to stay and a reliable water source. During the winter, they want protection from the cold. Your garage is the perfect place. Insects and pests can lead to property damage and other inconveniences. Some of the common pests you will find in your garage include flies, crickets, mice, and even snakes. If you have a snake problem, consider reading this guide on keeping snakes out of your garage. Finding pets in your garage is often unsettling. For these reasons, we have prepared these tips for keeping pets out of your garage.

  1. Clean Up Spider webs. Spiders are probably the most common pests found in garages. While spiders can be great to have around since they kill other bugs, they can also be messy. The webs they create around your garage are unsightly looking, attract dust, and they leave dead insect pieces all over the floor. So, it is always a good idea to get rid of webs by dusting the corners. Dust your garage corners once a week to prevent seeing a ton of cobwebs in your garage.
  2. Use Weatherstripping. The primary way that pests and insects find their way into your garage is through the bottom. Most garage doors have a gap that allows pests to crawl. You can prevent this by purchasing weather stripping material or rubber seals from your local hardware store or online. Take measures of your garage door so that you do not buy oversized or undersized strips.
  3. Fill Gaps with Caulk. Cracks and holes in your garage will also allow pets into your garage. Use a caulking gun to fill in any cracks or holes you see in your garage. Fill even the most minor cracks since they can be big enough to let insects into your garage. Experts recommend using the silicone caulk since it holds up the best.
  4. Avoid Storing Cardboard Boxes. Termites are attracted to organic materials like wood and cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, most people use both of these materials in their garage. Cardboard boxes also act as a shelter for mice who like to take cover and make a box their home. You can avoid this problem by installing storage racks alongside your walls so that you can place boxes on the racks and avoid keeping them on the floor. Also, consider buying plastic bins to get rid of any places that insects and pets may take shelter as plastic is harder to enter than a cardboard box.
  5. Avoid Odours In the Trash Cans. Remember that your garbage can be a bug’s paradise if you are not careful. So, avoid putting anything smelly into your trash can since it can attract bugs and rodents. Ensure that you rinse containers, bottles, and packaging before placing them in the trash and empty your trash often. Place close attention to containers that have touched meat products since they can release powerful odors.

Pests can use your garage to enter your home. So, it is essential to follow these tips to keep them out of your garage and away from your home.

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