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Industrial Features for Modern Homes

Industrial Features for Modern HomesEver since I was a teenager and saw the film Shooting Fish, I’ve had a thing about industrial spaces which are repurposed as homes. In that film, they live in an old gasometer and it always really appealed to me, as does the idea of old factories, warehouses – anywhere with acres of spaces which can be carved into living areas. However, the reality might not match the fantasy, so with that in mind, I thought I’d look at some industrial features we could incorproate into a more traditional home to give a similar feel:

Grated Walkways

Mini mesh grating is what is used for walkways in many industrial spaces and actually makes for a great industrial look in a home. I’m not usggesting that you use it for all of the hallways in your home, but for a staircase in a concrete home it would look absolutely fantastic. It’s also much easier to construct than regualr stairs, too.

Reclaimed Scaffolding

Scaffolding poles are SUPER cheap to buy from reclamation yards – usually about £1.20 per meter, which means that they make great handrails which are eco-friendly and good value. You can paint them to give them a different look or leave them as-is for a super industrial look, but they can be used all over the home to great effect.

Bare Walls

Whether your home is make of brick, concrete or something else, one of the simplest ways to give your space an industrial feel is to strip it back and have bare walls. An exposed brick wall would make a fantastic accent wall, and also means that you can change the colour scheme of the room whenever you want. The concrete look is an extremely simple, yet stylish looking feature. This can be easily incorporated by using cost effective cement boards.

Exposed Pipes and Beams

Leaving pipes, beams and other structural features exposed is another great way to make a space look more industrial. Metallic pipework looks especially pronounced against white and muted paint jobs, and it’s often designed with an intentionally weathered look to reinforce the gritty, industrial motif. If you want to achieve this look but don’t want to gut your entire home, you can fake it by creating shelves out of copper pipes or making an industrial desk lamp.

Lighting Features

High ceilings with dramatic lighting is a major trend. It’s common to find light globes hung with wires or even stage lighting in modern industrial designs. Pendant lighting such as filament lights with Edison-style bulbs is another unique way to create a retro industrial look. Choosing fixtures with rustic metals and creative details is a simple, effective and COST-effective way to add to the look.

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