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How to Make Some Extra Cash Without Leaving the House

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With Christmas a not-so-distant memory and most of us still feeling the ache in our wallets after spending an absolute fortune, many of us are starting to think about ways that we can make a bit of extra cash for the year ahead. If you’ve already got a full-time job, finding the time to earn extra money can be tricky, but there are lots of things that you can do which can give you a cash injection without you needing to spend hours and hours every day working on them. Here are five ways for you to make some extra cash in the months ahead, without having to leave the house.

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Selling Things

The beginning of Spring is a really common time for people to have a declutter, usually because of the influx of stuff from Christmas. While you’re decluttering, put to one side all of the things that you think would be sellable and list them on Facebook, eBay, Gumtree and other selling sites. A lot of these things, once they are listed, just simmer in the background, coming up with a sale every now and again, and it takes only the amount of effort to take a few pictures and post them online.

Check your Bills

Take a look at all of your outgoings on a monthly basis – things like mobile phone contracts, TV bills, and other services that you might subscribe to, and really think about whether or not you use them. If your Sky or Virgin Media contract is up, you may be able to call them to negotiate a better deal, same with your mobile phone contract. There are probably better off options out there which could be saving you a packet every month.

Quit the Gym

Just recently I realised that I haven’t been to the gym a single time in the last 12-months, what with everything being closed during lockdowns. My gym membership is only £9.99 a month, so it doesn’t exactly break the bank, but when you consider the fact that I’ve paid £120 for absolutely nothing, it can start to seem a little bit too much. Consider whether you’re actually getting your money’s worth out of your gym membership or if all of the things that you do once you get there could be done from home and you might end up saving yourself a small fortune by quitting the gym.

Meal Planning

One of the things that we absolutely terrible for in our house is buying food and leaving it to go out of date, before throwing it away. This year, I have decided that meal planning is going to be something which features a lot more heavily in our lives. I’ll be choosing meals for the whole family and buying only the ingredients that we need to make them. If somebody doesn’t want to eat what we’re having on that day, unfortunately that will be their tough luck because that’s what we’ll be having and that’s what I’ll be putting on a plate in front of them! I reckon this will probably save us a small fortune in wasted food not to mention will go towards stopping us being so wasteful.

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