Is Your Office Car Park Causing Problems In Your Business?

Most business owners don’t put that much thought into their employee car park. After all, they’ve got more important things to worry about and they don’t want to add the car park to their long list of stuff they need to juggle. But if you run your own business, it might be worth putting more thought into your car park. 

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Anybody that has worked somewhere with a poorly designed car park already knows that it can be quite a contentious issue among employees. People get frustrated when they can’t find a spot and it can lead to strained relationships in the office, which is the last thing you want.

There are safety issues to consider as well because a poorly designed car park can lead to an increased risk of accidents. If employees are injured on the property because you didn’t put the right safety measures in place, you could find yourself in serious trouble (see this page for some practical safety solutions for your business). So, if you think that the employee car park doesn’t really matter, think again. Here’s how you can make yours safer and more efficient. 

Add Plenty Of Lighting 

Lighting is so important in your employee car park because in the winter when it’s dark and you have a lot of employees leaving the office at the same time, things can quickly get dangerous. Low visibility is a common cause of accidents, so you need to make sure that you get plenty of lighting out there. One reason that businesses don’t have adequate lighting in their car park is that they worry about the cost. You can get around that if you use these solar LED street light fixtures instead of traditional street lights. They work off solar power, so they won’t cost you a penny and you still have the lighting you need to keep people safe.

Reconsider The Layout

Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how their office layout could be more efficient, but have you ever thought the same about your car park? If your car park is laid out in the wrong way, you will get a lot of congestion, which is frustrating for you and your employees. If the layout means that people have to keep crossing in front of traffic, you also increase the risk of an accident. If possible, a one-way system can help to improve congestion and you should create separate pedestrian areas so people don’t need to walk directly across the car park. 

Stop Unauthorized Use

This is something that people don’t consider, but it’s important. If your business is in a good location, people from outside the company might try to use the car park. This causes a lot of issues because your employees arrive and find that there are not enough spaces left for them. The best way to prevent this is to install CCTV cameras around your office. This helps you improve security and you can see whether anybody is using your car park without permission. If you put up some signs making it clear that only employees can use the car park and there is CCTV in place, you should deter anybody from doing it in the first place. 

Making these changes to your car park will improve safety and help to avoid any arguments about parking.

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