SMOK Novo X Pod System – 5 Reasons to Switch

SMOK Novo X Pod SystemRecently, I was asked to take a look at the SMOK Novo X Kit. I’ve been vaping on and off for a couple of years now, and the whole thing has been a learning curve. I started off with a ‘cigarette’ style vape which was preloaded with e-liquid, but this type didn’t seen very friendly to eother my purse or the environment, so I switched to a different model with a refillable tank. Eventually, I worked my way up to a larger model with a bigger battery, and that’s what I use most of the time.

Today I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite things about the Novo X Kit with you.

The Look

I know this is rather a superficial note to begin on, but I must say, I’m a little fussy about what my vape looks like. There are some lovely ones out there, and there are also some rather bonkers ones on the market, too! I don’t like my vape to be too massive, but the SMOK Novo X is a really pocket-friendly size which feels good in the hand and comes in several pretty prints.

The Feel

As I mentioned about, the SMOK Vape Kit feels really good in the hand, which is thanks to the sleek finish, shape and the weight of the device. It weighs just a touch over 50g, which means you can barely feel it in your pocket but it still feels sturdy enough when you use it.

The Draw

Obviously, one of the most important things about a vape is the draw (or how it feels when you suck on it, to those of us who don’t speak ‘vape’!) “The MTL coil can perfectly restore the flavor and throat-hit by adjusting the degree of flavor restoration. And that’s exactly the mouthfeel you want. In addition, Novo X pod uses an optimized internal structure, with a two-way U-shaped airflow channel, to greatly increase the air inflow and produce ultra-smooth vapor with a comfortable throat.”

The Battery

Is there anything more frustrating for a vaper than getting out of the house and realising that your battery is alost dead? I’ve been on nights out before where my vape has died and it can really put a daper on the evening. The Novo X has a large 800mAh battery which will give you hours of usage without needing to top up the charge.

The Price

Probably one of the ost important factors when choosing a vape is the price, and what your budhet is like going forward. Many vapes require all sorts of new parts and maintenance on top pf the cost of e-liquids and charging, so it’s important to work out if the overall cost of the odel you choose is sustainable. SMOK Novo X costs less than twenty quid for the vape, and the convenient replacement pods come pre-assembled so you never have to worry about buying and cleaning separate coils. Follow the link for vapor sales online.

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