These days, everyone wants a modern driveway. As times have moved on, the quality finish of these areas has developed alongside the vehicles they hold. Now they’re better than ever before.

Still, while car sales are falling nationwide, this doesn’t mean that everyone with a car wants to scrap or store away their own vehicles! When enough time has passed, the driveway needs a rejig.

Consequently, here’s how to give your driveway some inspiration for summer.


One of the problems with the gravel driveway is that they can get very messy, very fast. However, the drivegrid was specially designed to maintain a sustainable gravel driveway. The grid uses cells to contain high quantities of angular gravel and can be filled with an impressive 5-16mm of the stuff. Therefore, the driveway will always look in good order and not scarce on stones!

It’s also practical, in that it inhibits weed growth as all good driveways should, with no sudden greenery sprouting from underneath or destabilising the finish. Each individual cell in the grid also allows a smooth running of rainwater, so you don’t have to worry about the gravel-filled grid clogging up in a summer storm. It’ll unnoticeably flow into the ground below, and your pristine gravel finish will remain intact.

Block paving

For a more solid, sturdy and robust result, block paving is likely the option you should go for. You can get 60mm blocks that better fit with the exterior aesthetic of your home due to their colour scheme; such as charcoal, bracken or red. This will give the perimeter of your home a more consistent look, or even a Mediterranean appearance depending on the colours chosen. Some even spruce up their designs further, incorporating blocks to form grey circles within too. If appearances matter to you, block paving is your best bet!

However, block paving also doubles up in a practical sense too. This is because it also acts as a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) that complies with new government legislation on keeping driveways clear, safe and efficiently balanced. If you love your summers to be relaxed and care-free (and who doesn’t?) in every regard, then block paving has you covered in the driveway department.

Security placements

Sometimes, the summer brings more than just heatwaves, but crime waves too. There’ve been reported links between summer time and crime, so it could be that you want to keep your driveway on lockdown, especially during the warmer seasons. It’s understandable and even advisable!

For example, you could erect security posts along the perimeter of your drive. They operate in a similar way to bollards in a town centre, deterring people from driving down certain avenues and streets. In your own driveway, they’ll stop car thieves from whizzing away with your vehicles and may deter thieves entirely. Who needs a gate worth thousands of pounds?


Summer is an aesthetic, but equal consideration must be paid to security too. After all, while people like their driveway paving to look appealing and immaculate in all its glory, it’s also important to have a practical frame of mind too. In taking that balance seriously, an excellent summer driveway is assured.