Tips on Selecting a Heating and a Cooling System (HVAC System)

One of the main ingredients of productivity is a comfortable working space. In a 2018 report, comfort in a working environment was ranked above remuneration, on the most critical factors of productivity. These statistics indicate that having a well-controlled space, in terms of temperature, is key to a successful company. The report also pointed out that a majority of employees in the USA and other developed countries have a negative attitude towards work. Fortunately, a better approach to temperature controls can help employees in changing their view on work and more importantly improve their productivity. Heating and cooling is the best remedy for the unproductive environment and unsatisfied employees.

What is the relationship between productivity and office temperatures?

Did you know that over 25% of the global workers waste approximately 30 minutes every day due to unfavorable temperatures? This percentage represents the amount of money the USA and other developed countries waste due to unproductivity. Due to the complexity of the heating and cooling system, different institutions have tried to establish the connection between temperatures and productivity.

According to most of these reports, the optimal temperature for an office is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. In most parts of the world, temperatures are inconsistent and to maintain balance temperature, using heating and cooling is essential.

This is a guide on how to select cooling and heating systems that are in line with your company’s needs.

Tips on selecting a heating and cooling system

The most important factor you should consider when investing in a heating and cooling system is the size of your office. The golden rule in selecting a heating and a cooling system is to understand office needs and more importantly, which system can give the best results without overpaying. Other factors such as your office design and the age of your office can assist in the investing decision.

When investing in a heating and cooling system, you should also consider a system that offers the following benefits. First, any system should be quiet. A quiet system means that there are no distractions when people are working. Second, any system selected must blend well with the office décor, inside and outside the office. Although most of the heating and cooling systems are mass-produced, some few exceptions give investors value for money. In addition to the system blending with the company’s décor, any system selected must not take a lot of the office space, whether inside or outside.

The functionality of the system selected must be at par with the global standards. For example, the heating and cooling system must produce less moisture. Most of the earlier versions of HVAC were synonymous with a high percentage of moisture, but fortunately, modern makes are solving this problem. In addition to producing less moisture, any heating and cooling system must use energy efficiently.

Do heating and cooling systems need repairs? Yes, heating and cooling systems need repairs due to some reasons. Just like other systems, they are prone to some factors that can make them less efficient and consume more power. A faulty system is also a recipe for unproductivity and pundits point out that lack of a proper working system can lead to loss of money.

Three tips on hiring a professional to maintain a heating and cooling system

  1. Hire a professional that offers a holistic office evaluation

Unlike most repairs, heating and cooling systems repairs need a holistic approach. The main reason why a holistic approach is important is that most of the issues that affect heating and cooling systems are because of the environment. Therefore, a holistic approach helps in repairing a system and preventing future damages.   

  1. Compare rates with companies

Comparing prices is arguably one of the hardest criteria when hiring a professional maintenance company. Therefore, you should check if the company is justified to charge the fees they are charging. It is, however, advisable to hire a professional maintenance company that has a good repairing history instead of a cheap company with zero experience.

  1. Do a background check on a maintenance firm

Unlike three decades ago, doing a background check on a maintenance firm is essential. You should check the company’s rating and if the firm can repair your specific system model. Although there are tons of companies that deals with heating and cooling systems, very few can check and fix many systems.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this tips.
    With so many options and specifications it is not easy to choose the right heater, but i got a better idea after reading your article =)

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  4. I have been considering updating my heating system installed before October. It is great for me to know that I will want to consider the age of my house and my current system. It seems like I will want to make sure that the new system is easy to install.

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  7. It’s been a childhood dream to publish a book under my name, but I only resumed writing two months ago. I’ve been trying to find ways how to improve my productivity so I could finish the novel I wanted to, and it’s interesting to know that there is a proven relationship between productivity and temperature. I will also keep the tips you provided in mind soon as pick a contractor that offers heating and cooling services. I’d make sure to boost my drive for writing through these ways soon.

  8. When you think that your HVAC system is working fine and don’t need any modification since a long time, that is the time your HVAC system is the biggest cause of dust in your home or office.

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