Spruce Up Your House Without Major Renovations

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Now that Christmas is out of the way, many of us are starting to think about ways to spruce up our houses, but if major renovations are too much of an inconvenience or are out of your budget, there are smaller things that you can do which will improve the look of your house without spending a fortune. Today, we’ve teamed up with Kitchen Warehouse to talk to you about a few of them.

Paint Your Woodwork

One of the quickest ways to make your rooms feel fresh and new is to paint your woodwork. Even if your walls are still in good order, things like skirting boards and dado rails often take knocks and the resulting marks make them look grubby and worn. A few weekends of sanding down and a couple of tins of gloss paint will cost next to nothing but will really make the place feel renewed.

Replace Kitchen Doors

If your kitchen feels dated or worn, you can spruce up your kitchen units by simply replacing the doors. Choose a colour which will stand the test of time and won’t look out of fashion within weeks and you could future-proof your kitchen for years to come with minimal expense.

Clean Your Outsides

Winter can take it’s toll on the outside of houses and months of rain and mud can leave your house looking a bit grubby. Hiring a jet wash for a couple of days will help you to clean any brickwork, rendering, patios and woodwork, and giving your front door a freshen up with either a bit of elbow grease or a lick of paint if it’s a wooden door will have your castle gleaming!

Attack Your Grouting

If you’ve got tiled areas in your kitchen and bathroom, there’s a good chance that it needs a little TLC. Kitchen grouting often accumulates grease and looks grubby, while bathroom grouting often falls foul of black mould which can look AND smell unpleasant. Using a grout whitener to get it all back to a crisp, white finish will really refresh the look of both your kitchen and your bathroom.

Clean Your Carpets

Again, carpets are one of those things which can look lacklustre if they’re not maintained, especially in high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. If your carpet is in basically good condition then replacing it is costly and unnecessary. Carpet cleaners don’t cost a huge amount to hire, and if you pay for a weekend then you could have every carpet in the house looking and smelling fresh by Monday morning.

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