With summer upon us, most of us are starting to think about jetting off on holiday and just recently we’ve been thinking about the South of Spain. I stumbled upon www.immoabroad.com and it got me thinking about a villa holiday for the whole family, so I started doing some research about some of the reasons to visit the South of Spain, and I thought I’d share some of what I found:

Seville CathedralSeville Cathedral

I may be the least religious person on the planet, but I still appreciate amazing architechture and history, and it’s the location of Christopher Columbus’ grave, so a visit to Seville’s cathedral could be a great way to spend an afternoon. You’re allowed to go to the top of the bell tower and the views from the top look phenomenal.


One of the things that I noticed whenever I read anything about Southern Spain is that people find it really affordable. Obviously, you’ll find ‘luxury’ options available, but it’s really easy to have a holiday with the whole family which won’t break the bank, but won’t leave you feeling like you’ve had to scrimp.


South of Spain

Obviously, Spain is famous for being somewhere that people go for beach holidays, but there are lots of ‘hidden gems’down on the south coast which aren’t crawling with tourists all year long and finding them is all part of the fun! Nerja, is a small beach town east of Málaga and despite being stunning, has a surprising lack of tourists!


When you limit yourself to resorts or more popular holiday destinations, a lot of the local culture has become totally homogenised, and in some places it’s hard to find anything even vaguely Spanish, thanks to the influx of ex-pats, wanting their English Pub and Full English Breakfast experience. However, Southern Spain has managed to avoid a lot of this and you’ll get an authentic travel experience.

Something for Everyone

There really is something for the whole family to enjoy in the south of Spain – cityscapes, rivers, mountains, history, culture, art, dancing, food, farms, vineyards, and beaches perfect for any type of traveller. Beach towns like Nerja, Marbella and San Fernando are perfect for a relaxing, sun-filled break. The Sierra Nevada mountain range near Granada is home to some of Spain’s highest peaks and is known not only for its hiking but also for skiing in winter. Those looking to indulge their taste buds a bit can enjoy sherry tastings in Jerez de la Frontera.