Ways to Jazz up your Shed

A shed is a main focal point of your garden and can sometimes look a bit boring or out of place if not maintained properly.  Instead of being something picturesque to look at, it can become a bit of an eyesore. In reality – it doesn’t need to be that way.  When people look around your garden shed, they should be looking at it because it looks great and ties in with your garden and personality.  We have put together some ways in which you can jazz up your shed and make it your own.

First Step is, Choose the Right Shed

There are lots of sheds out there, so make sure you choose the right one for your project.  Wooden sheds are usually the most popular.  These are easily adaptable, and have a traditional, rustic feel that people seem to like.  You can check out Buy Sheds Direct’s range for some great and affordable options – and this will also make sure it is of the highest quality and incredibly durable as they’re one of the top recommended companies.  A shed is an investment in your garden, once you have put all that work into it – you don’t want to have to go changing it.  Once you purchase your shed, it will be with you for a long time.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to selecting a colour.  Wooden sheds are easily painted, and you can choose whatever colour you like.  You can choose a colour that reflects your personality, and or go with something vibrant to make it stand out.  Although traditional wood can look beautiful and traditional, a lick of paint to mix things up definitely won’t hurt.  Alternatively, you might want to use your garden shed as a bit of a haven, in which case – you might want to select a nice cream or pastel colour if you are more traditional.  The good thing is, you can always repaint – the look isn’t permanent.

Add a Window Box

A window box is a lovely touch to a garden shed and can definitely jazz it up.  Choose your favourite flowers – and use them to fill up a lovely decorative window box.  If you have chosen a light coloured shed, you may want some vibrant flowers to offset this and add character and colour.  This could also be a nice gardening project for you in the summer time and give you an excuse to spend more time outdoors.

Include Some Lighting

To create a nice atmosphere, it could be a good idea to add some lighting to your shed.  You can get some great outdoor lights that can be used, however an increasingly popular trend has been fairy lights.  It will have the Hansel and Gretel approach – and look like something out of a fairytale.  If you are having a garden party or a barbeque in the evening – this can be a great way to set the tone and draw attention to your beautifully decorated shed.

Create a Pathway

People will be more likely to look at your creation if they can see something leading up to it.  A beautiful pathway can be a great way to draw attention to the focal point of your garden. There are lots of different options when it comes to this.  You can get some great stone pathways that will define the shed even more, and they are also relatively cost-effective as well as easy to maintain – so there is little work for you to do.  This can also improve the look of your garden in general.

Create a Landscape around your Shed

If you want to make your shed stand out, you need to make sure that the surroundings are right.  You could do things simply like mowing and shaping your lawn, or else you can go for something a little different and create your own vegetable patch.  There is nothing better in terms of a garden project like growing your own vegetables.  You can cook food with vegetables from the garden, and it can be a great activity for the kids too!

Showcase a Workspace

If you like a little bit of DIY, or some great garden projects – there is no reason why you can’t showcase this outside your shed.  It could be that you are potting plants or doing something else that will place focus on it and show off your lovely plants!

A shed doesn’t need to be a simple storage solution for your garden, it can be much more than that.  Put your own stamp on it, and it can be a great talking point for guests and visitors.

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