Just recently, Husband and I have both started vaping and although we’ve both found equipment and flavours that we like, it took a while to get it dialled in. We’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share some tips for newbies so that you can learn from our experiences.

Try Before You Buy

If you have friends who vape, ask if you can use their machines before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself. There are various types of e-cigarettes, some with smaller coils, some which look slimline, some which are HUGE and will give off a huge plume of vapour and every person will like a different thing. Your e-cig will be your biggest investment so finding one you like before you spend is a good idea.

Sample Some Juice

As with the equipment, e-liquids are vastly varied and what you like will be totally personal to you. Many vape cafes offer you the chance to sample flavours before buying a whole bottle, so finding one locally could help you.

Start Low

Unless you’re a 60-a-day smoker, starting off on a lower dose of nicotine is probably a good idea. Husband and I haven’t actually smoked cigarettes regularly for over a decade, so we went for the 3mg of nicotine and that’s been more than enough for us. If you find yourself puffing on it all day long, maybe moving up to the next strength of liquid is for you.

Keep it Clean

You’ll need to perform a little bit of maintenance to your e-cig to keep it working at its best. Clean the tank between each refill, especially if you change flavours, and check your battery connections to make sure you don’t have a build-up of juice on them.

Don’t BurnĀ 

If you let your e-liquid run low, there’s a risk of your coil overheating and burning, which will give a pretty acrid flavour if you continue to use it. Make sure you keep your tank topped up and if you do taste a burn, change your coil. Oh, and keep a stash of spare coils for moments like this!

Are you a seasoned vaper? Do you have any tips for the newbies out there? Please leave a comment below.