With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s a good time to be smart and start preparing. We’re not just talking about packing all those chargers and remembering to turn off the coffee machine, although you certainly should keep this in mind too – it is, in fact, a lot you can do at home to make your holiday just a little bit better.

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Here is a handy guide to the first things you should tick off your to-do list the day before you’re heading off. It may be a bit boring but you’ll definitely thank yourself later.

#1 Write an out-of-office response for emails

If your job depends on you replying to all those emails, you’ve probably thought about this already but even if you don’t really rely on emails that much, you should get this one over with. First of all, it helps you to maintain that image of professionalism that you’d like to return to after the holiday and, most importantly, you’ll be able to relax on your time off, knowing that the automated message will take care of everything.

That way, nobody can expect anything of you – which is just what you need for a few weeks.

#2 Remember the fridge

Why do so many people forget to empty their fridges before leaving? Sure, you can always call someone who has a key to your home and ask them kindly to empty your fridge for you – or, as the most likely outcome, you can return home to perishable food that is almost ready to crawl out on its own.

Just remember it this time; get rid of the milk, meat, fruit and anything else that may start to stink and try to give it to your neighbor before leaving. It shows that you’re a responsible adult who cares about not wasting food – and it’s the kind of people the world needs more of.

#3 Get your entertainment ready

Now, it’s time to take care of the part that’s a bit more fun. For a longer flight, you’d want to have all your music ready and maybe a couple of shows to watch on your iPad if you’re not a fan of what the plane has to offer. Sync and backup all of your devices and make sure they are fully charged before it’s time to go.

It’s also an excellent idea to prepare your Netflix account via nordvpn, by the way, so that you have access to all the shows wherever you are in the world. It’s the kind of stuff you’ll be happy about on the rainy days.

#4 Sweep the floor and open the cupboards

Sweeping is a great idea if you’d like to return to a home that is free from pests – they tend to invite themselves in if they find crumbs on the floor and notice that nobody’s going to disturb them for a while. Some of us like to open the cupboards as well to make sure it has a chance to air itself out. This is all optional, of course, but it makes it a bit nicer when you’re back home again.

Rushing off to the airport and making sure everybody has their passports can be a big stress factor to many and we often wind up forgetting about the small things. Try to remember it this time and you’ll feel like such a responsible adult when you’re back home.