Husband and I are huge fans of the original version of Jumanji, so we have to admit to having been sceptical when the remake was announced. However, once we saw it (and also realised that it had The Rock in it, who be both kinda love…) we realised that it was actually an excellent film and was a really well-made update to a classic. We both love Robin Williams and are probably a bit over-protective when it comes to his work, but they’ve done an amazing job and bringing the story into the 21st Century.

Fancy getting your hands on the amazing Jumanji DVD which was released only last year – for free? Well you are in luck! This film, starring none other than the The Rock, takes four friends on a journey through a tropical adventure after finding an old console game which transports them to the jungle.

If you love the jungle and games, then why not take a step into the jungle yourself. which offers free spins when join has array of jungle themed games that will get you in the mood after watching this great film. One of the most exhilarating of these is Amazon Queen, which really thrills and excites casino players new and old. This jungle-based slot focuses on the Amazon Queen, it has all your favourite characters from the movie including, gorillas, parrots and other jungle themed forest creatures and phenomena.

If you are complete Jumanji mad and want to try some other slot games, then Go Bananas, Rainforest Dream and Forest of the Wonders are some other great games. Other than the standard 3 and 5-reel slot games, Jungle Madness is a progressive jackpot game so its makes the jungle experience a little bit more enticing! If you hit all 5 tigers on the payline then you can potentially be taking home thousands of pounds!

Jungles are not for the faint hearted, so if you the love the danger and thrill of Jumanji, these other casino games will certainly live up to your expectations. The immersive experience will convey you to the jungle where you will need to keep an eye out for snakes, gorillas, and lots of creepy crawlies beneath you.

Hopefully you will have been awarded for the epic journey with Jackpot wins or something little less but overall the fun experience of these games is what we think is best!

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