Rural JapanImage via reddit,com/u/singxpat

When Husband and I were planning our wedding, we decided very quickly that we wanted a destination wedding, where the surroundings were special and different. We ended up getting married on a tiny island in the Maldives, barefoot on white sand, with the azure blue ocean lapping at our toes, but while we were doing our research we also came up with a few other ideas which we very nearly opted for. Although we don’t need to do the wedding bit again, some of the places we looked at are still places we’d like to visit, so I thought I’d share them with you today:

Costa Rica

The option which probably came the closest second to the Maldives was a treetop wedding in the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica. The thought of getting married while Howler Monkeys and tropical birds watched on from the trees was absolutely phenomenal, but the whole thing ended up being a little out of our budget, so going back with the girls to experience the landscape and wildlife is still really high on our list.

Tanzania safari

Another amazing option was to go on safari and have our wedding out there (can you tell we’re animal lovers?!). The opportunity to see big game in their natural habitat is getting less and less every day with the threat of extinction taking so many of our beloved species, so it’s something we’d love to do sooner rather than later. Obviously, we’d have the girls with us this time (Sausage was born two years after we got married) so being able to share such a profound experience with them would be incredible.

Tour of Japan

Safari holidays are great, but sometimes you want to experience more of a human jungle, which is where a trip to Japan comes in. All four of us love Japanese culture and food and although we’d love to visit the¬†obvious¬†places in Japan, like Tokyo, we’d also love to see the rural, unusual places on a tour or Japan. We watch a lot of Studio Ghibli films in our house, many of which are set in rural Japan, so seeing it first hand would be a dream come true.

What are your dream destinations? How about a Bermuda cruise trip with Celebrity? Was there somewhere you wish you’d got married but didn’t? Where would you go if you could do it all over again? Do leave me a comment below.