Your Clutter, Their Treasure: Downsizing Can Help You Stay in the Black

It’s a daily struggle for many people to pay their bills, feed their families and have a little extra for other necessities, much less extras.  Luckily, there are many ways to stretch your budget a little further by simply using what you already have.

It used to be that to make any money off of your unwanted items, you had to have a yard sale.  Now, however, there are many more options where you don’t even have to leave your house except to get to your mailbox!

From online downsizing to installment loans, when you need the money most, you have options.

Declutter Your Home With Direct Selling

Do you have kids that outgrew their clothes, or never even wore that shirt they just had to have?  Xbox games no one ever plays anymore, or movies you have seen a hundred times and don’t want to ever watch again?

Those hot items and more are easy money makers through online direct sales sites such as eBay and Letitgo.  Sites like eBay allow you to sell your goods at a price you agree on, and all you have to do is post it and ship it once it’s sold.  Because of the shipping aspect, eBay is more geared towards smaller items, but there are options for pickup of larger items.

Letitgo and other marketplace type apps are more direct, where you post your item online and meet with local buyers in person.  This type is better for larger items that would not be cost-effective to ship.

Let Other Resellers Do the Work For You

Other resale companies, like Declutter and thredUp, will pay you directly for your items and then sell them for a profit, keeping you out of the direct transaction but allowing you immediate funds.   They even pay for your shipping.

The con of this is that generally your take is much less than had you sold your product directly, but the pro is you don’t have to sit around and wait for it to sell.

Stick With the Tried and True

Sometimes the old standbys are the best.  Yard sales are still as popular as they ever were, but technology has helped increase profits because now you can advertise online.  From posting about your yard sale on your social media to advertising on online garage sale sites, it’s much easier to get the word out for early birds and bargain hunters to come buy your unwanted stuff.  Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Emergency Loans

If you are looking for bigger amounts of money fast, there are options available as well in the form of installment loans.  These are typically high interest loans and therefore should only be used if all other avenues are exhausted, and if you know that you can repay the terms of the loan on time.

Installment loans are easier to get due to their high interest terms, and can be applied for and received completely online, depending on the company.  However, their repayment terms can be steep, so shop around before you settle, and be sure you can handle the terms.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, But You Can Find it in Your Backyard

When you need a few bucks, look around your house, your yard, or your car, and see what’s been sitting unused for months or even years.  Chances are, someone somewhere is looking for that particular item, and you can have a win/win:  declutter your house and make some money, and make someone else happy they got a deal!


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