5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Benefits of CBD oilWhen you suffer with several chronic illnesses, the constant daily stream of tablets can get really tiring, especially when a new symptom arises and with it, the possibility of needing more medication. Recently, I discovered CBD oil and the many health benefits of using it, and I use it daily to deal with several different things, so I thought I’d share with you a few of the health benefits of using CBD oil.

Pain Management

One of the conditions I have, endometriosis, can be really painful at times, and while there’s the option of taking strong painkillers, it’s not something I really want to do on a daily basis as it can damage other organs in the long run. Taking a daily dose of CBD seems to keep my pain to a minimum or at a manageable level even on bad days, and means that my painkiller intake has reduced by about 90%. You can also take it in the form of CBD pills, which a lot of people find easier and more palatable. The oils can have an earthy taste which some find unpleasant so pills are a good alternative.


I’ve suffered with anxiety on and off for years but refuse to take anti-anxiety medications because of the horrible list of side effects that can go with them, as well as not want to feel like a zombie on a daily basis. THC free CBD oil really quietens my anxiety down and on the odd day that I forget to take it, I can really feel the difference in my symptoms.

Skin Issues

As well as suffering with psoriasis, I also have issues with hormone-related spots because of my gynae problems, but since using CBD my skin has been SO much better. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work wonders on a whole load of skin conditions and using it via vape pen as an e-liquid means that you can take a metered does every day and avoid the slightly unpleasant taste that is associated with taking it other ways.


Nausea is something that I deal with on a semi-regular basis because of some of the medications that I have to take, and I’ve found that vaping CBD is a massive relief when the nausea gets too bad.

Blood Sugar Levels

I take daily medication for my diabetes, and my blood sugar is usually well controlled, but since I’ve been using CBD on a daily basis, my blood sugars have been the best they’ve been in ages. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend using it as an alternative to regular diabetes medication, but supplementing with CBD certainly can’t hurt!

Do you use CBD oil? What do you use it for? Leave me a comment below.

6 thoughts on “5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

  1. Ik kende het al wel. Ik vind producten waar hennep in verwerkt is ook niet heel lekker ruiken. Ik snap wel wat je bedoelt met de medicinale geur;) Wel fijn dat het heel natuurlijk is. Ik moet jammergenoeg vaak producten gebruiken zonder parfum, dus dan zou dit wel een goed optie zijn.

  2. Is incredible!
    And all this time of cannabis criminalization without being able to benefit from its properties.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. A lot of great information (and a TON of laughs!). I’m glad I wasn’t wrong in my normal go to of Pinot Noir! Can’t wait to give these tips a try with our steak dinner Saturday night!

    As always, thank you for linking up at Merry Monday! Always glad to have you.

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