Best Ways to Finally Kick Your Smoking Habit

The recent advice coming from Public Health England (PHE), the government health body, suggesting that electronic cigarettes should be available in hospitals will come as no surprise to the thousands of ex-smokers who have already quit the habit by becoming vapers. The news brings the dangers of smoking back into the public eye and while this is a positive thing, what it fails to address is the need for people to take a more holistic approach when it comes to finally kicking the habit.

The Argument for Electronic Cigarettes

The evidence that electronic cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes has been building for some time now and established vaping companies such as VIP Electronic Cigarette have long since been publishing information on their websites that document this. In 2015, for example PHE released research suggesting that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and the huge reduction in the numbers of people smoking, since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, has also been well covered.  What is less well documented, however, is that how, if, several other factors are brought into an individual’s approach to quitting their chances of being successful are even greater.

Living More Healthily

The number one reason that people choose to kick the smoking habit is to live a longer and healthier life. It stands to reason then that when attempting to quit smoking they could perhaps take on board a number of other things to do just that and to aid the process. Exercise is a typical example, starting to exercise can really support and incentivise an attempt to quit smoking as it amplifies the positive effects on the body greatly – the same can be said of eating more healthily.

A Suitable Replacement

Giving up smoking, as well as being beneficial to your health and your finances, also leaves you with more time and finding a proactive way to spend that time can help the process no end. One of the reasons vaping is good for helping people quit smoking is that it offers a direct replacement and one that is so similar, but there are other activities that could be explored, such as doing a crossword each day or another hobby/pastime. Finding positive ways to fill the time is paramount to success of those wishing to quit – “the devil makes work for idle hands”.

Vaping, it would appear, is an effective way to help people quit smoking, but add into the equation a range of other positive factors and the battle becomes significantly easier and more rewarding.

2 thoughts on “Best Ways to Finally Kick Your Smoking Habit

  1. Thanks for sharing,
    As we all know quitting smoking is not easy, I have gone to the vaporizer but it is not enough, I hope I can quit soon!

  2. Smoking alternatives will help cut back on smoking and may even result in the cessation of smoking altogether. Since the smoking habit is so difficult to break due to the addiction not just being merely physical but psychological, as well, smoking alternatives can help facilitate smoking cessation by producing some form of psychological comfort for the smoker while they are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. There are quite a few alternative products and healthy techniques available these days that help lessen or even stop the desire for smoking tobacco. If these smoking alternatives are practiced wholeheartedly, then a smoker should find themselves smoking less and less each day.


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