Pregnancy Plans: Know Your Options and Protect Your Balance

If you’re sure you want to get pregnant, but you’re unsure about all of the options available to you, it’s important to sit down and research what could work for you. It’s important to consider what’s affordable for you as well, and often, IVF can be one of the most affordable options available to you. If you’re looking for the most cost-effect IVF services, Advanced Reproductive Medicine in New Jersey is one of the best options available to you. Confused about IVF and how it can help? IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, and it’s the process where doctors manually assist in the reproductive cycle by joining a sperm and egg sample in a laboratory dish. This process is typically used for couples who have a challenging time conceiving.

What is IVF and How Can It Help Me?

IVF is the process of bringing a sperm and egg together in a laboratory dish, and then placing those fertilized eggs into a uterus to increase the chance of pregnancy. The ultimate question for people is usually this: can in vitro fertilization help me? Other questions typically follow as well; how much will this cost? How long does it take to get pregnant? What are my options? According to research done by Attain Fertility, about 40 percent of women under 35 have a success rate; however, women over 42 percent have less than a 4 percent success rate.

The next question is a bit more difficult, as in vitro fertilization can be quite costly. Some cycles can cost over $12,000. But if you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective IVF service, then Advanced Reproductive Medicine is the perfect option for you. Read more below to hear about the options available to women and couples looking to invest in IVF.

 What are your IVF Options with Advanced Reproductive Medicine?

It’s important to understand the options available to you with IVF, especially when the cost of IVF can prevent up to 2/3rs of patients in the United States from getting the fertility treatment they need. In fact, in New Jersey, where Advanced Reproductive Medicine is located, a single treatment can cost up to $15,000.

For a full stimulation of IVF with Advanced Reproductive Medicine, clients will pay only $6,300. More than that, the financial team at the company will help you plan your treatment and help you investigate with your insurance what kind of coverage you can expect.

A full stimulation of IVF is pretty vague, so we wanted to spell out what you can expect in this procedure. You can certainly expect all physician care pertaining to your entire IVF cycle. Additionally, you can expect a full-range of monitoring; such as, all ultrasounds, fertility coaches during your cycle, blood hormone testing, standard embryology laboratory work, education, and your first pregnancy and progesterone tests.

What will your IVF full stimulation treatment not include? Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (if need), assisted hatching, embryo cryopreservation if you have extra embryos available, medications, and anesthesia.


5 Ways to Boost Your Finances in 2018

No matter what happened in 2017, a new year has begun. For many people, organising theirfinances will be a new year’s resolution. After all, Christmas is an expensive time of year and we can end up spending huge amounts of money over the festive season.

January can be a tough month for finance, but it doesn’t have to be. PPI claims, gathering unwanted gifts and reviewing your current account is all part of the plan to have a healthy bank balance in 2018.

It’s important to have some extra money to pay for financial emergencies and events throughout the year. Thankfully, there are some great ways to boost your finances this year — and these five ideas can all be done right now! So, why put off getting that cash boost?

  • Try a New Way of Saving

The website Apartment Therapy came up with a new way of saving in small amounts. It’s a simple, yet effective way for people to save money from the very first day of the year to the very last. It’s not too late to start either! It’ll be incredibly easy to get on schedule quickly if you start soon.

The idea is simple: For each day of the week, you save some money. You increase the amount saved each day, but when the week restarts, you start all over again. The amounts below are the recommendations about how much to set aside every day:

Sunday £1

Monday £2

Tuesday £3

Wednesday £4

Thursday £5

Friday £6

Saturday £7

When Sunday arrives, you start back at £1. This way of savings means you will have £28 a week, equating to nearly £1500 by the end of the year. Find a big piggy bank or set up a direct debit to a savings account and add £28 a week. You’ll be so grateful by the end of the year and taking it out in small amounts every week can make the saving that much easier.

  • Make a PPI Claim Today

The PPI deadline is getting ever closer. While we’ve all seen and heard the adverts about payment protection insurance claims, the reality is that there are still thousands of people who haven’t claimed PPI. Many consumers were unaware that PPI was sold to them alongside a mortgage, credit card or loan. It’s so important to check old bank statements and find out if you’re due a refund. It could well be thousands of pounds; a substantial amount to boost your 2018 finances. Even if you no longer have the paperwork, you can still find out if PPI was added to your account.  Make your PPI claim today before it’s too late!

  • Sell Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Are there still some Christmas gifts at home which you know you won’t ever get around to using? Those bath salts from your secret Santa might be lovely, but you’re not really a bath person. Selling unwanted Christmas gifts is an excellent way to make some extra money and make sure the gift doesn’t go to waste. Using eBay or even Facebook to sell gifts can be a good boost of income and is very simple.

  • Cash in on Gift Cards

Instead of presents, you may have received some gift cards for Christmas. Some of these can be really useful, but, if you got a gift card for a shop you rarely use, you can cash it in online. Websites such as Zeek will show you various options about how to get cash for your gift cards. Although you’ll never receive the full price, the cash can sometimes be much more worthwhile than the card.

  • Switch Current Accounts

Years ago, the thought of switching current accounts was too much effort. Now, however, thanks to the Current Account switch guarantee, changing current accounts is swift and easy. Most banks are signed up to the switching guarantee, making it a painless experience.

The best part about switching bank accounts is the great rates that banks offer to entice you. Rates do change regularly and there are terms and conditions, so be sure to check on websites such as Money Saving Expert for the best deal.

So, why put off getting some extra cash in 2018? Whether you’re possibly due a huge refund from PPI claims or can sell £50 worth of unwanted Christmas gifts, making use of these finance-boosting tips can make a huge difference. Start making money today!


New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!It’s January again (can you even believe that Christmas is all over for another year?!) and for many of us, that means trying to quit certain habits or change ourselves in some way for the new year. I’ve seen lots of people talking on social media about things they’d like to change and I thought I’d share a few of them with you today in case you’re struggling for a bit of inspiration:

Quit Smoking

More and more people are swapping cigarettes for electronic cigarettes, which is a great way to stop smoking. There’s been a whole load of evidence emerging from the NHS and other government sources which are proving over and again that vaping is exponentially better for us than smoking, so even if you totally swap to an electronic cigarette and use that instead, you’ll be doing your health the world of good, and if you’ve got kids you won’t have to worry about passive inhalation. And if you don’t know how to vape, there’s a whole array of starter kits available to get you going.

Get Fit

I see a lot of people talking about “losing weight” by following certain diets, but I always find it makes me happy when I see people talking about getting FIT instead of getting slim. Obviously, if you’re overweight then losing weight by any means will make your body healthier, but cardiovascular fitness is so important and a lot of people don’t realise that it’s possible to be skinny but still unhealthy.

Take Time for Yourself

So often, us mums forget to take time for ourselves in amongst the daily too-ings and fro-ings of family life and it can leave us feeling totally frazzled and underappreciated. Making a resolution to take some time for yourself, being it reading a book, taking a long bath, having your hair done or something else, will give you a moment to focus on yourself rather than everyone else and can really help with your mental state and sense of wellbeing.

Stop Drinking

Dry January is becoming more popular every year, with lots of us feeling the need to have a rest from drinking after the excesses of Christmas and New Years Eve, but have you ever thought about quitting the booze for longer? Lots of parents admit to drinking a few glasses of wine almost every night and when you look at your weekly consumption it really adds up. We all know how bad booze can be for our bodies and going as long as you can without it could really do your liver a favour!

Have you made a resolution to look after yourself this year? I’d love to hear about it, so please leave me a comment below.


Ideas to make weddings more kid-friendly and fun

Kid-friendly weddingsMany couples prefer adult-only weddings and receptions, but many feel the need to include all the children in their lives and families. This is especially noticeable in the case of couples getting remarried. If you’re planning a black-tie function, then children probably won’t be invited, but if not, then most families have kids of all ages where weddings tend to become boring for the children present. Most couples getting married are very attached to their nieces, nephews, cousins, or even their own children. If this is the case with you and your partner, then it is usually a good idea to be prepared with a few kid-friendly provisions.

Katie from Orla James attended a wedding recently where almost all the invitations were sent out to couples with children. The wedding was planned around kid-friendly ideas that made it a fun event for the adults and children attending and many of the adults actively took part in playing with the children! This made the entire wedding a very loving, family-oriented event with the couple being blessed by adults and children alike.

Let us look at a few ideas to make weddings more kid-friendly.

Kids Meals:

There is nothing more important than ensuring there are kid-friendly meals available. Speak to your wedding caterer in advance and look at several finger food and dining options for kids. Avoid spicy foods and foods that can be messy to eat. With kids present, the idea is to have simple, yet tasty food. Have ample cheese platters, fruit platters, chicken fingers, and French fries. In drinks, opt for fresh juices, smoothies, chocolate shakes, and non-alcoholic drinks with funny names to make it more enjoyable. Avoid foods and drinks that might have an allergic reaction, and avoid keeping seafood on the kid’s menu.

 Have some activities planned:

Have an activity station or area cordoned off for kids so that they can remain occupied throughout the reception. If your event planner has some kid-friendly ideas for activities, incorporate those too. Keep an ample stock of non-toxic crayons, coloring books, story tales, and organized games like hopscotch and group games. You can also have a Lego station to keep kids occupied in a fun manner.

One couple also had a wedding themed coloring book made with outlines of their special dates for kids to color. You could also set up a ‘Kids Only’ tent with an attendant to ensure they are well taken care of. If possible, hire an entertainer and sitter to keep the kids busy throughout the ceremony and reception. This will help parents also enjoy the wedding without having to constantly look after the children.

 Give kids useful wedding favors:

Planning wedding favors for kids is always an impossible task. Most kids love getting gifts. Tie the wedding favors with little bows in colorful wrapping paper to make them look extra special. You can pot for little treats of marshmallows and gummy bears as wedding favors. If you want to avoid treats, opt for small board games, coloring books, non-toxic crayons, school bags, lunchboxes, craft kits, and so on.

 Set up special seating for kids:

Kids find it difficult to sit on chairs meant for adults. You could organize mini bean bags, small chairs, and tables. Speak to your wedding organizer about décor and seating arrangements for children. Many times, these services are also offered apart from regular table décor and decorations and seating arrangements. You could also include placemats with little puzzles to solve as table décor for children. Small word search puzzles, join-the-dots, and color by numbers, or mini quizzes are always great entertainment and fun for kids while being seated.

 Get the kids involved in your wedding:

Let kids know that they will be welcome on the dance floor during the reception and should let the DJ or band playing know what music they would also like to dance to. If you are aware of this in advance, you could include some kid-friendly songs in your music selection. You could also give them disposable cameras and tell them to take lots of pictures at the wedding so that you can add the best ones in the wedding album. Let the children also know that you will send them these photos later.

Whatever you decide for children’s entertainment at your wedding, make sure to budget for it in advance so that it does not seem like an additional cost. Making your wedding child-friendly is a wonderful way to include all your loved ones in your special day!


How to Save Money Faster: Three Quick Tips

Having some money saved up is undoubtedly the key to better financial security, and for many people, saving up is essential for making big purchases such as a new house, new car, or a dream vacation. Whether you’re saving up for something specific or simply want the added security of knowing that you have some cash stashed away for emergencies, saving money regularly is an excellent habit to develop.

However, putting money aside is not always the easiest, especially if you are struggling with high living costs. Thankfully, there are several smart things that you can do to help your savings grow faster. We’ve rounded up some top tips for faster and more effective saving.

Tip #1. Choose a High-Interest Savings Account

If you’re looking for a new account in which to put your hard-earned savings, then it’s a good idea to choose an option with the highest amount of interest available. As you pay money into your savings account, you’ll also be able to earn money on it. And, the longer that the money is in there, the more you’ll be able to earn. A higher interest rate means better earnings for you.

Some accounts, such as stocks and bonds accounts, will require you to lock the money away for a certain period of time, during which you’ll be unable to access it. However, you will be rewarded with a higher interest rate when your account reaches maturity. Follow the link for more information on choosing the best savings account.

Tip #2. Sell Your Old Stuff

One great way to make some extra cash to put into your savings account is to go through your old belongings and see what you can sell. Chances are, you have items in your home that you no longer have any use for, such as old clothes and shoes, DVDs, gadgets, video games, books, and even essential household items. If you’ve upgraded something such as your television or smartphone, then don’t just simply throw the old one away – you can earn some cash back for it on sites such as eBay or Craigslist that can then be put into your savings account.

Tip #3. Cut Your Monthly Expenses

If you’d like to be able to put more money away into your savings account each month, then the first place to start is by cutting down as many monthly expenses as you can and putting the extra money that you save away instead. There are many different ways in which you can ensure that you are spending less each month.

For example, you can actually save thousands of dollars per year by switching to taking a packed lunch to work, or preparing your own coffee instead of going to Starbucks. Check out comparison sites to see if switching could drive down your utility bills, and call up your cell phone network provider to ask about moving on to a cheaper plan if you feel that you could manage just as well with fewer minutes or data.

If you liked these tips, please let us know!